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October 12th 2013
Published: October 12th 2013
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Ok so the elephant trekking. Where do I start?! I can safely say it was the best day me and brad have ever experienced and I am so happy I got to share it with him. We started the day quite quiet and sleepy in the drive the the park but as soon as we got there we were given our outfits for the day and shown around the park by our guide for the day Nat. He was very friendly as all the people out here but definitely took an extra shone to Brad which we both noticed! He definitely liked a little rub on the back and lots of photos next to brad.

After waiting for the rest of our group we met our elephants. There was 6 of us altogether we were joined by a lady her daughter, godson and friend 2 of them are actually are teaching out here.

We all met our own elephant brads was called Charlie and mine was a name I can't even remember let alone spell so we will call him Bob. I think we had the 2 youngest, me with the baby if the group. Each elephant has it's own mahout and that's the trip we went on, to learn how to be a mahout for the day. Within 15 minutes of meeting Charlie and Bob we were on them!! It took some adjusting to getting on them and sitting, let's just say it wasn't too comfortable on the old back side and I'm still aching now, but well worth it!! We sat on them to get used to them for about 20 minutes then headed up into the mountains. It was surprisingly easy on the way up and we had absolutely stunning views all along the way. I think it was the mist surreal feeling knowing we were on the back of an elephant riding through mountains. They were so timid and friendly too once on them there was no way you could have been scared!!! Where Bob was the baby the mahout made sure he was looked after well and was close by all the time and he was so well behaved. Charlie was a bit mire mischievous but Brad was fine on him, probably a good match actually!

After getting to the top of the mountain where the views were amazing, the while of chiang Mai amazing! We had to head down which I won't lie was definitely NOT enjoyable I kept slipping forward and felt like I was going to fall off of poor little Bob!! I had to keep pushing myself back onto him! We went back down the first part of the mountain and then stopped for lunch. We got there and had a feast set up for us!! 4 massive tins each of noodles rice curry it was delicious! We stopped for about half hour then headed back down to a place where the elephants cover themselves in a special spoil that protects their skin from the insects and cleans them. They go into a little cove and the mahout would cover them in the mud, Brad got stuck in and helped and got covered in mud but was so amazing. Once they were all covered they need to wash it off so we went back to the lake and we all got to go in with our elephants and wash them. It was amazing playing with real life elephants in the water washing them cleaning them and getting kisses....where they blow the water at you through their trunks!! Meaning I got soaked.

That was the last part of our day and I know neither of us wanted it to end it was such a special day that neither of us will forget and treasure forever!!

Love B&K xxxxx

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