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May 25th 2010
Published: May 25th 2010
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Chris's Section

Had a great few days in Chiang Mai so far. It's a really cool city, although almost deserted of farang (foreigners). It's really quiet here. To be honest we probably prefer it that way. We visited two of the biggest wats (temples) here - Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chiang Man. Both are within the old city wall, free to enter and well worth a visit. We also went up to the night bazaar which runs up & down numerous streets and sells everything. A shopper's delight.

Today was the best day in Thailand so far. As the pics probably give away, we went to Tiger Kingdom. It was amazing. We had some reservations as a few people had said they drug the tigers, but I can confidently say this is not true. The tigers were definitely not drugged and were perfectly lucid and active. It was a little pricey, we paid 840 baht each (about £18) to spend time with tiger cubs and what they referred to as 'medium' tigers. Let's just say the medium tigers were still huge and we shat our pants as we entered! There were two keepers with sticks to keep them in control. They just tap them gently if the tiger gets too close (in the wrong way). All the tigers have been reared since birth and are very well trained and behaved.

The tiger cubs were absolutely adorable. Most were sleeping, but a couple climbed on us and played with each other. They were all amazing. Truly beautiful animals. A real once in a lifetime type of moment. Just great.

Getting there was, erm, interesting. We set off to find a tuk-tuk, but instead ran into a guy who offered to take us for 200 baht (£4) - a tuk-tuk would have cost at least double that. We though something fishy might occur for that price, and we weren't disappointed. On the return journey we visited jewelry, carpet, furniture and suit shops. All a bit embarrassing as we had no intention of buying. But, the driver gets a commission for delivering farang so we played ball. Didn't take too long and it saved us some dosh. Result.

Overall we've enjoyed our time in Chiang Mai. Tomorrow we're off to Pai, which is a sleepy hippy town about 4 hours north of here. Almost as far north as you can go in Thailand.

Hope everyone is groovy back home.

Now take a break before you attempt to read Lou's extensive blog entry below....lazy moo.

Louise's Section

Today was fab, can't really say much except I was playing with baby and adult tigers, please see the pics and I'm sorry if you now hate me xx

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Tiger KingdomTiger Kingdom
Tiger Kingdom

Not scary much

25th May 2010

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one!
Wow! This is sooooooooo cool! can you bring one back for me please, that tops having a hamster any day! Chris will get this! I always wanted to do that, do they feel soft or is their fir all harsh and prickley? Dave would love this he loves Tigers! I love the pic of Chris with the am i am an over excited 5 years old face, BTW who did you offend to get a buzz cut like that chick? Both of you look fab, esp lou, by now i would be looking like i had been living on a park bench for 3 months and my alarm call was to be dragged through a hedge backwards! Keep anjoying it, love to both of you, take care Kez n Dave xxxxxx
30th May 2010

Looks like you had a fabulous day! I am indeed very jealous! Rita (Paul's wife)

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