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January 23rd 2010
Published: January 23rd 2010
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Well Chiang Mai was bittersweet.
The first actual day I had I meet up with Nana who is a friend from Vernon's penpal you could say. She met me at my guesthouse. She was like half my size but very cute and polite. She liked to giggle a lot. We took a taxi to the biggest temple about an hour away from the town and had met a local canadian from Vancouver. He was a bit too friendly, about 40 year old guy but nice enough. We walked up the 360 stairs (Not bad considering...I think I was ok because in my guesthouse my room was on the 6th floor with no elevator!). So we walked around a bit and enjoyed the view of Chiang Mai. We went to walk inside the temple and up the stairs I was stopped...oopsy bar arms haha... luckily i had a shirt handy. The temple was beautiful of course...just like all the temples in chiang mai. We then walked down the stairs where they were selling lots of stuff. I saw this beautiful picture of a Buddha and barely bartered...cause I could have gotten it for half the price haha oh well, was my first try. We then took the taxi back down and went to the zoo. The zoo was huge and we had to keep jumping on and off the trolley. I guess its like any other zoo...but I still thought it was cool. So after that we came back to the guesthouse and I said good-bye to Nana.

The next day (yesterday) I woke up around 7am with a swollen eye...well my upper lid was totally swollen?? it didn;t hurt though...was just annoying. so the bus came to pick me up around 830am where i met a couple from germany around 25-27...they were very nice and could speak decent english. We then picked up about 6 other people who were from Belgium, but 2 were thai woman who lived in belgium. Hmmm..how do u say...annoying? They were very loud and drunk still i think....i would like to write more but im getting bitten alive by mosquitos... im catching a train today at about 230pm to bangkok which arrives at 6am..and then have to take another train to krabi...yikes..


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