still sick.

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May 26th 2007
Published: May 26th 2007
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kim's better, i'm plugged up and feeling nauseaous. awesome.

did a tour today, went to an orchid famr (i took lots of pictures mom!!) and a temple in a cave and longneck hilltribes and 2 other kinds of hilltribes. bought lots of great souvenirs.

got a picture with a pretend neck thing so i look like a long-necked hilltribe lady! it was awesome! the little girls were really cute.

some of the older ladies were pretty insistent and the only english they knew was "just looking! just looking! hello hello!" it was cute. this one lady sold us anklets and then started shaking them at us again when we were waiting at the mini van. we were like "WE JUST BOUGHT SOME FROM YOU!!" hehe she was really nice though.

sick of being sick. might be from the heat. chiang mai freaking hot as hell.


14th June 2007

omg!! that was exactly like mexico.. kept trying to sell me the same thing. would come back later and be like want to buy a bracelet.. i was thinking i just bought 2 from you you idiot!!

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