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June 8th 2005
Published: June 8th 2005
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The day begun as you can imagine with us all feeling just a little sorry for ourselves. The two Chilean girls left an hour or so before us so the group was now reduced to 8. The two Danes were very quiet and didn't interact with the group that much, so really the group became the Poms, Spanish & us Australians.

After lots of toast, fresh fruit and chinese tea we got ready to head off. The weather closed in on us and started to pour. For the next 2 and a bit hours we head uphill in torrential rain with streams forming on the very slippery tracks. But it's not as bad as it all sounds, it was, strangely enough, pretty fun.

After ascending the mounting it was time for us to go down the other side. This is where it got steep, slippery and funny. Pete and I quickly worked out that the best way to get down these hills was to do the Jungle Mountain Boogie. This entails very very small steps going at a 45 degree angle to the mountain. Throw in some overly exaggerated arm movements, a few little spins and you have, the Jungle Mountain Boogie! It was sooo much fun slipping and sliding our way down! (Watch out London Jungle nightclubs, this is sure to be a hit)

Our first stop was about 45 minutes out from Mr Dong's village where we had lunch. Over lunch the rain receded and we were even able to get smiley (our ball) out for a quick game of cricket, which surprisingly enough the Danes and Spanish took to quite easily, but as per usual, the Poms struggled against our attack (sorry had to get that one in!!)

We then pushed onto Mr Dong's village (it began raining again almost immediately) where Mr Dong proved to be the most popular man in the village (pretty obvious why given how funny he is) and he even pulled a few antics like throwing rocks at his friends who were using power tools!

For another 45 minutes we walked through some of the most slippery terrain we had encountered so far and John when down about 5000 times! It was so much fun, being caked in mud sliding around laughing like absolute idiots. Soon enough we arrived at the second waterfall - "Now that's a waterfall". We quickly got into our huts where where next to the waterfall and changed and went swimming. It was sooo much fun thrashing around underneath it. There was also a "massage" rock on one side which you lie on receive a free back massage care of the waterfall. This massage unfortunately doesn't come with the traditional Thai happy ending.

Mr Dong then declared: "Tonight we first get drunk, then go to waterfall!" WHAT A GUIDE!!!

So after a quick afternoon nap we had dinner and drank with the locals. Much Sam Song (the local whiskey) was consumed, Mr Dong assumed his position of Trek Leader/Party Animal/Karaoke Champion and the songs and fun began. Soon enough we ended up down at the waterfall. where a fire had been setup. Many more drinks were consumed and lots of singing, dancing and swimming went on!

The next day we all were bruised and cut but it didn't matter, we all had SOOOOO much fun!

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