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March 8th 2010
Published: March 8th 2010
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Firtstly, thank you so much to all our friends and family who supportedm us with messages and calls during our hard times. The few days we were appart we're pretty pants. We both realised one big thing which was that we obviously both lost perspective of what we did have and concentrated on what we didn't. Being appart made us realise how lucky we were and that we had something to amazing to let go of so easily. We are working through our problems by talking honestoly and spending time appart too to experience stuff seperatly as well as together and so far so good. We are now very happy and having a better time than we could imagen. so blog is on!
We left Bnagkok and went to Pattaya a few hours down the east coast. Pattaya was pretty awefull. The guest house was over priced, but had the plus of having aircon and cable, which we enjoyed by sitting in our undypants watching law and order for hours on end!
Its a pretty big skintrade city, a nice way of saying lots of prostitues, dancers and sex workers and its not really all that subtle about it. Streets lined with big signs of naked ladies and streets called BJ street and bars called Sexy times and Pingpong funtimes ect. Its full of package holidaying couples and old slimey europian men with some beautiful thin young cambodian on thier if thats really your girlfriend mate!
We tried to go to a tiger breeding programme santcuary which had 250 tigers but we walked for an hour to the bus station to find it cost about 2 days of budget to get there and back, so the only good thing we saw was the Jet ski regalla they had on the beach. About 30 jetskis raced around this assalt course with a banana boat and 3 men holding on the the back, if one fell off they had to go back and get them, was pretty wavey so made for some great entertainment as men got thron everywhere. We left there a.s.a.p and headed to Trat which is the closest town to go to the Island in the east.
It turned out to be very expensive again so we stayed in Trat. This was were everything sort of fell appart but I'm not going to go into details. We did meet two lovely dutch people though. A girl called Wies and a boy called Bart and we spent some lovely evenings chilling out in our rickety little guest house's balcony over the river drinking beer and sharing stories. Russ left us the next day to head for Cambodia alone and I stayed with those guys. They were so great to me and I was really lucky to have some people there when i needed it the most. Wies and me got a scooter and i learnt to drive it, pretty hairy experience and I'm suprised she even dared to get on the back after seeing my test drive but hey I did ok. We found some mangroves and a little fishing village with a school in where all the kids shouted everything they knew in english at us.
If any one knows what a mud skipper is then you'll know how funny they look. The mangroves was full of them, hehehe what little wierdos!
Russ crossed the border safely although got ripped of a little and We stayed another few days in Trat. Its a lvoely little town with old teak houses, cheap accommodation and a river running along the side and some cute cute cute little cafes.
There's alot to catch up on so I'll try remember what i can.
So thailand so far is done with and we will be going back in a month, Cambodia was an unplanned part of our trip but lets see how it goes!


8th March 2010

Nice to see the blogs back
Hi Lovely to see the blogs back again. It is reassuring to hear where you are and that things are ok. I have missed them!! We are intrigued by Cambodia as it is somewhere we have thought of going. Take care and have fun. Love you both.

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