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February 16th 2006
Published: February 17th 2006
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pattaya beachpattaya beachpattaya beach

not quite "the beach" no leo dicaprio as yet but i smell we're getting close!
never has a truer statement been written. pattaya is indeed a bustling hub of eastern thailand were in the imortal words of mcfly 'the days are long and the nights go on and on'. i truely dont believe they have ever visited here as they would have to include words like 'gaudy' and 'raucous' as the lonely planet describes the place, but being a bunch of moronic kids they've probably never heard of these words! we met up with "mr michael" in the hotel lobby as we arrived and it took about 30 seconds before beer was in hand and arse was on seat! we were treated by mike to a night on the town to 'break us in gently!' upon leaving the hotel lucy's first and most profound comment was, "i cant belive how many hookers there are!" to which really there was no reply! we spent the evening at a number of drinking establishments keen to offer everything but liquid refereshment! one bar had a live thai band playing hendrix, stones and eric clapton covers which got the feet tapping and keen to spend mikes money it was made sure that they were all brought a drink as the lead guitarist kept pointing and laughing at me for most of the set, as we both stood open mouthed at the surrounding environment! the night was ended with a meal of squid and chips at mikes "friends" bar. apparently the chips were served because mike was with us reminding me that most english tourists 'dont want no foreign muck!' hes even got his own hp sause for gods sake!

bangkok international airport was met by lucy with the sort of christening of asian porcelain that im sure we will get to know very well in the coming months! (guess whos writting this?!) leaving england was an emotional experience for everyone concerned, tears of both love and joy were spilled, joy by my father at the prospect of having 5 minutes without me bleeding the poor man dry! the flight from london to bangkok was a nightmare of cramps and spasms thanks to the overwhelmingly sardine like furnature arrangement of quantas' boeing 747. sleep was the only sparse thing about the whole experience, of which at one point there was about half an hour of unbroken kipping action! the arrival at the airport is for the most part a very simple case of welcome to our country, how can we rob you! its all about having a smile and a sense of humour here as the thai people seem to be among the happiest on the planet, but will do anything to have as much baht from the westerners as possible. this being said it seems like the sort of county where everyone loves a haggle, and as im too tight to bleed, am excited at the prospect of saving a few quid!

today has been spent exploring pattaya with a walk around the bustling streets which crossing becomes a case of close your eyes and run! its hot here. seriously hot. not the kind of hot when you go to spain for a week with the lads, the kind of hot that makes your eyes melt, and air conditioning is our god. we have been very sensible by keeping ourselves hydrated and with bottled water costing about 7 p a litre, evien had better be listening back home.

we plan to spend the rest of today looking around pattaya for some shades and sandals. im going to wear socks with them to try and put the ladyboys off, think it might take a bit more than that though! tonight we have been promiced by mike that he will take us to play ping pong. its a very popular sport over here with females, probably the only where women can outclass men, an update will follow soon!


16th February 2006

16th February 2006

You made it!
Glad to hear you both got there safe and sound...looking forward to your next update. Love ya xxx
16th February 2006

minge pong
Hey dude and deudette, just listening to the Arctic monkeys and reading your both comical and intersting update. You come off less retarded when you can't hear your voice! You know women are better at ping pong, they use there minges to fire out a quality pongy serve....Lucy don't get any ideas. Much love from Edinburgh. P.S. i finally got a full time job in an office!
16th February 2006

Don't Know What We're Doing!
Hi Dave and Lucy Well, thanks for the Travelog. We're glad you reached the first leg of your journey okay. I'm going to submit this comment, but it's says on your Travelog that there's 3 comments. Are we supposed to be able to read these or are they private and for your eyes only? If we are supposed to read them, how do we get access to them? As my comment title reads; "Don't Know What We're Doing!" - this is true. We have been invited over to Graham and Maria's for Sunday dinner this weekend, the main reason is that Graham wants me to show him how to get on the pc and to access your travelog. This is worrying, and I will have to do some homework on what to do, otherwise they will both think I'm a right thicko! I wish they'd let me know all this before you left England. Can you pop back for five minutes and explain to me, what I'm supposed to be explaining to him on Sunday? (Only joking.) Anyway, it sounds like you are having a good time. No news here really, apart from Sara and Gareth are here until Saturday morning. Sara's just baked a cake and it's fallen apart when she's tried taking the two halves out of the tins. What a mess! Tastes nice though! Will keep in contact. Lots of love Patti and Nanny XXXX
17th February 2006

17th February 2006

In the words of 'D-ream - Things can only better' Remember! the beach by the Asia hotel! Have fun!
18th February 2006

Ping Pong
I dont care if they are better than us its fucking table tennis, just like the yanks and soccer. Glad the flight went smoothly and cant wait for the next installment X All the best to both of you X
21st February 2006

21st February 2006

Glad your having a good time I'm not! Take care
22nd February 2006

Lucy, have you found any pink fluff yet?
:-) Glad you both got there ok. I was thinking of you! You must be having a wicked time. Remember to keep us updated. Miss you already! Dave - AWwwwwwight Geeeeza? Love Anywhere Sa XXX
24th February 2006

enjoy the ladyboys
Hi Dave & Lucy, first of all I have to say thank you! On arrival into work this morning I was quite impressed at the fact it was Friday and the weekend does indeed begin today. THEN, I read you travel blog (which incidentally is great) and put things into perspective, here I am sat at my desk looking forward to the routine sat night / sun recovery and I hear that Thailand is actually as jaw dropping as they say it is. So Jealous! On the mention of ping pong, I cant help but wonder which type of ping pong this is you are intending on playing with poor Lucy, as I have heard disturbingly impressive stories involving….lets just say a certain ping pong accessory and a women’s (if your lucky) special place. Nuff said! Anyway you two keep having fun and stay pure

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