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June 26th 2017
Published: June 26th 2017
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There seems to be an overall high on the internet in various publications, maybe for fear negative posts will be removed.
Though I am usually kinda high when travelling myself, and liking almost everything, so most of my stories would fit that frame,
there was also something that I did not like about Bangkok.

That were the doctors of the most famous hospital, that I found to be incredibly stuck up with limited skills to match. They were also dishonest;
By a very famous lab in India my legs were ultrasounded and a 5 page report with graphs and impressive screenshots was made to explain there was so much plaque in my lower leg veins, the radiologist could even see it in her screen (her words) .
They were also ultrasounded in that famous hospital for almost 8 times the amount paid in India , which resulted in a 5 line report stating there currently was no deep vein thrombosis.

They saw the plaque allright, first the pupil next her master, as they started squeezing my legs and feet, and again and again, so they saw it, but did not mention it. This is often done in Asian hospitals if they cannot treat the issue or the patient seems risky or poorly insured

Of course as a patient you want to know all stated in the first report so you can take precautions during flight, such as socks and exercise, or break up of long hauls, as forewarned is forarmed
I am not contesting jubilant claims of patients that were helped so well , I would even agree with them Thailand is the place to be for good medical care, but it could help someone to be forwarned and forarmed by what happened to me, hence this critical post


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