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July 1st 2008
Published: June 21st 2017
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Bangkok! Hey doesn't this place look familiar? Yep, this is the third time I've been here since I arrived in Thailand on April 14th. And since I'm on my third 30-day tourist visa, and they don't allow a fourth (I got a nice note from the lady at the Myanmar border telling me so) I think it'll be my last...for now.

I've got no agenda in Bangkok on this visit except to get a new Indian visa, and a flight to India. That's it. Let's see what happens.

I actually got a 6 month Indian visa before I left home when I was in San Francisco, and I knew then that the visa started on the day it was issued. But at the time I thought this was a 2-3 month trip, so even though it started counting down on the 6 months upon issue, I never thought it'd be an issue. But here I am 5-ish months later, and it'll expire on July 21, just a couple few weeks from now. And seeing how this trip has been going so far, I have a hankering that a couple few weeks probably won't suffice for India.

So I'm going to pay for another one, whole new visa for India. Might as well'of not gotten the first one, but hey, I'll know for next time. So, I'll get another 6 month visa for India and we'll see how long I actually use it for.

Plus I must get the new visa so I don't abandon my Mom in Asia: As a huge bonus, because my trip has stretched so long, my Mom decided she misses me desperately and I've talked her into a visit! She is going to fly into Delhi on the 19th and stay for 10 days, and we'll see the Taj Mahal together. I figured it'd be in poor taste for me to pick up my Mom from the Delhi airport on the 19th and then leave the country on the 21st because my visa expired. She might not like that =)


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