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June 19th 2014
Published: June 19th 2014
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Traveling by boat on the Chao Phraya river This is about the Chao Phraya River the principal river in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. When I was living in Bangkok I often traveled on this river by commuter boat to avoid the horrendous traffic jams of the sprawling metropolis. There are several ways to take a river cruise in Bangkok. The cheapest is to take the Orange Flag line commuter bo... Read Full Entry

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chao phya 22chao phya 22
chao phya 22

Passengers on the commuter boat (Buddhist temple in background).
chao phya 22achao phya 22a
chao phya 22a

Grand Palace/Emeral Buddha temple from the river.
chao phya 23chao phya 23
chao phya 23

Luxury condominium on the river.
chao phya 24chao phya 24
chao phya 24

Luxury cruise boat especially for tourists.
chao phya 25chao phya 25
chao phya 25

This is one of the hotel cruise boats.
chao phya 26chao phya 26
chao phya 26

Cruising on the river.
chao phya 27chao phya 27
chao phya 27

Close up of hotel boat.
chao phya 28chao phya 28
chao phya 28

Taken at Thewet pier on a different day.
chao phya 29chao phya 29
chao phya 29

Temple of Dawn at a distance from the boat.
chao phya 30chao phya 30
chao phya 30

There's also a Chinese temple along the river.
chao phya 31chao phya 31
chao phya 31

Scenes from the boat at sunset.
chao phya 32chao phya 32
chao phya 32

Closer view of a Buddhist temple.
chao phya 33chao phya 33
chao phya 33

Another view of Buddhist temple.
chao phya 34chao phya 34
chao phya 34

Taken from the pier at Prayap.
chao phya 35chao phya 35
chao phya 35

A high rise hotel.
chao phya 36chao phya 36
chao phya 36

Buildings along the Chao Phraya river.
chao phya 37chao phya 37
chao phya 37

This pier is only for special boats.
chao phya 38chao phya 38
chao phya 38

The big building is the CAT (Communications Authority of Thailand) government office.
chao phya 39chao phya 39
chao phya 39

Luxury hotel in the background.
chao phya 39achao phya 39a
chao phya 39a

The Rama 8 Bridge opened in 2002.
chao phya 39bchao phya 39b
chao phya 39b

Taken from riverside restaurant at Thewet pier.

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