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June 17th 2013
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Arrived safely in Bangkok after a tiring ten hour flight from Sydney, although there is always entertainment when you are awake the time always seems to drag. Much prefer a night flight where you can get your head down. Watch a film, when you wake up, have something to eat and then hey presto you have arrived. Getting through customs was a bit of a nightmare because I had chosen to get a sixty day visa in Sydney they insisted on stamping it rather than giving me a thirty day entry visa which means I now have to go to immigration in Bangkok and sort it out. Fingers crossed. Although I have been to Thailand before I have never stopped off at Bangkok, it's a city that totally bombards the senses. The traffic is horrendous and crossing the road is a major accomplishment to get to the other side still alive. The air quality leaves a lot to be desired mainly because of the amount of traffic however that said, a place of most gracious and endearing people who always have a smile and are very helpful and courteous. Elegant and stunningly beautiful women, shoes to die for, I have never seen such a selection in such a small area and yummy cake shops. The air reverberates with the sound of the whistles from the security men and policemen directing the traffic and pedestrians. There are tiny little restaurants that pop up along the pavement anytime after 10am and wonderful aromas drift across the streets, drawing you in. Everywhere is busy, colourful and bustling. Thought I should try the local cuisine and knowing how hot some Thai food can be I went for an easy option a fish salad, it nearly blew my mouth away it had much chilli pepper in it. After about an hour I could actually feel my mouth again. Then this afternoon I decided to try a mango smoothie, I thought that's what it was!!!! Well it was mango but then came the surprise it had sago in it so it was a bit of a shock when the frogs spawn came up the straw, I wondered why it was such a fat straw, now I know. Got back to the hotel and thought I would go for a swim and jacuzzi, well I have a very nice swimsuit which is pleated at the front, after about thirty seconds I looked down and thought I had become pregnant somehow!!! My swimsuit had blown up to epic proportions, how very embarrassing!!!!!


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