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July 25th 2006
Published: July 25th 2006
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Waiting for my taxi (sorry Anne, LIFT, for which I am eternally grateful) to dinner and then the airport as I write this. Spent the day wandering around the city getting hot, sweaty and exhausted. It was nice tho, although for the second time I tunrned up at the royal palace too late to actual go in! I could really live in Bangkok, and hopefully Ill get an opportunity to spend some more time here in the coming years.

Its been a great 5 months. Ive met some wonderful people, seen some beautiful places, eaten some delicious food and got a pretty crap tan. All in all an experience to remember. Hopefully the friends I've made will be friends into the future, and hopefully the next trip will be not too far away. I was planning on writing a big list of witty things to say to people Ive met along the way, but 1) Im sure ill miss some one out, 2)Im sure most people have stopped reading this blog (if they ever started!), 3)some of the messages are unsuitable for general publication and 4)it would take a long time! So everyone ive met, you were wonderful. Well, thats not to say you are wonderful, but if I gave you the link to my blog then I probably think you are. And if you chanced upon here and I havent given you the address, that doesnt mean you arent wonderful, so you might be. Or might not. I think im really rambling now, so Im going to go.

Oh, one more thing. Thanks for everyone who left comments. Apart from those critiscisising my speling puncctuation n gramma.

For those im coming closer to, see you soon. For those im moving further from... see you slightly less soon!

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25th July 2006

msg from reader!!
Flamingo man!I'm enjoy reading and seeing the story in yr Travelblog. U done well.(Especially something good abt me!haha) Hope u get the warm welcome when u back hm.
26th July 2006

thanks for sharing
I have really enjoyed following your adventures.
27th July 2006

Alex.... I'm still READING!! hope to see you soon mate....
28th July 2006

home coming
Funny I'll miss the blog, it was fun reading them and cheaper than having you at home. Quite sad in a way that it's over but glad to have you home for a while at least. Now leave my booze alone !!! Luv dad

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