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February 9th 2013
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The journey was long and tiring, and our in flight entertainment system was playing up - first world problem. This did mean Taz and Suzanne got to move seats away from Hannah which is always a plus, but Taz was unable to watch all of the One Direction documentry which was pretty distressing.

Putting that slight fail aside, it wasn't a bad journey at all really. We had a couple of hours in Dubai and were much amused by the large quanities of lurpack and caviar available in the duty free - just what you want to have in your hand luggage on a 7 hour flight...

Our arrival into Bangkok was relatively stress free, apart from putting our lives into the hands of a slightly deranged taxi driver in a bright pink taxi who didn't believe in lanes or indicating. Or seatbelts in Hannahs case.

The hotel we're staying at - Rambuttri House - is very nice and cool and clean. Its in a very good location just next to Koh San Road but is still relatively quiet so we could sleep off a bit of our jet lag.

Once we'd settled into our room and had a quick nap we went for an explore and were instantly hassled by various Thai people trying to sell us various things (or in Hannah's case trying to buy her off us).

In the evening we went for a bite to eat and watched some Thai ladies do a bit of a dance and had our first mojito of the trip. It was good.

The following day we stocked up on some culture and went to the Grand Palace which was very shiny and sparkly. And very hot. And sweaty. Particulary in our attractive cover-up wear/granny shirts provided by the Temple people. It was all very pretty and there were lot of statues that resembled Suzannes face (photos to follow).

That evening we went out for what was meant to be a chilled meal but turned into a bit of a cocktail session (with free tequila) and we had our first proper encounter with some fellow travellers from Georgia. (not rednecks). They provided much entertainment including singing One Direction, asking us the same questions about 20 times, proclaiming their love for English people and providing us with some good southern American sayings. We tried to teach them some 'English phrases' but turns out we don't really know that many....All this resulted in a sore head in the morning and a day of doing nothing except for a cheeky foot massage.

All in all, we're having lots of fun and don't hate eachother yet.

Hopefully this time tomorrow we'll be heading north to Chiang Mai so our next update will be from there.

PS Suzanne and Hannah are still white...

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9th February 2013

And were the other two offended that no one offered to buy them? What did she have the other two didn\'t, eh? Is Dubai Airport as luxurious as I imagine it to be? Marble floors, Huge amounts of space? Indoor palm trees?
9th February 2013

keep the colour of suzanne and hannahs skin updates coming. I want a RAL chart number weekly. jealous already! xxx
16th February 2013

Happy travellers!
Love the photo - you all look very happy and relaxed! XX

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