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September 7th 2010
Published: September 7th 2010
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Just over a week in and already home-life seems so long ago. I can't believe it has taken me this long to get my arse in gear and go travelling and to anyone reading this, do it! With little exception, there really is no excuse not to- even if just for a few weeks here and there.

I got into Bangkok airport about 3.30 pm on the 28th August. My flight was fine but as normal I didn't sleep so when I arrived here, I was more than just a little shattered. The heat was bad but as I had expected it to be, it didn't phase me. I was ripped off by the cabby but managed to get to the hostel in one piece. When I walked in, it seemed that everyone was on valium or something- the place was so chilled and although the setting seemed good, I really couldn't see how I was going to be able to start a conversation with anyone. Not being put off, I checked in and found my room. The shower I then had was the best experience of my life and I began to see my life in the UK as that of a queen. I made small-talk with a couple of people in my dorm but it was an hour or so before I started a proper conversation. The girl I met was called Sarah (from Belgium) and I have her to thank for experiencing the best, first week ever. She invited me out for drinks and that was the beginning of the craziest, most random week as a solo traveller...

I say solo but this has not yet been the case. I met a load of like-minded souls and we soon became this uber, super group. It was a real mixture of nationalities which is great as I now have humble abodes to crash at on an international scale. The first night was awesome (American accent please). Self-titled 'Crazy' Chazzy the British-American with a rather colourful array of stories to his name, managed to convince us to race tuk-tuks to a club we were meant to go to. This seemed like something mothers would not approve of so of course we did it. I know winning does not matter but I should add that mine was the champion on every occasion.

I think the plan was to end up in a club one of the more experienced of our group had been to but alas, as many a tourist does we ended going on some crazy route about town until we arrived a less classy but nonetheless 'cultured' destination. That's right, a ping-pong bar. Now don't get me wrong, on at least a bi-daily basis I ponder at the wonder that is the vagina. Child-birth for instance; what a wondrous creation (I shall not go into further examples as I'm sure one has the imagination to do this themselves and also, my mother may be reading this) but WOWSER, I had never seen it being used in such a manner. I saw metre upon metre of flowers being removed from the holiest of holes and I was torn between feeling in awe and repulsed. I was lucky enough to be having a deep and intellectual conversation with fellow traveller Theo at this point so missed some of the more graphic scenes.

After this event, the gang got more tuk-tuks and ended up in a club called shock 39- I think the title was literal, need I say more. It was random and fun and drunken which is typical of any good Saturday night so of course we had a blast. I think Andy named it a 'minefield' which was perfect in description.

Although I had originally planned to stay in Bangkok for 4 nights, a few others had decided to go down south so I threw caution to the wind (insert cringe here at use of such a cliche) and decided to join them. This was the beginning of the destruction of any organisation I had previously done and I realised that my trip was never meant to go the way I had planned...


9th September 2010

Oh em gee, I am so jealous Nikki H (or Z?) Glad you're having such an amazing time hun, keep the updates coming! xxx

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