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December 13th 2008
Published: December 13th 2008
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A short entry just to let you know I have arrived safely in Bangkok. There will not be much blogging for the next week as I will be in Chiang Mai as a volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park. It is very quiet in Bangkok with very few tourists arriving after the recent political turmoil and airport closure. No one talks about politics to me here and you would not know there were any problems except for the low numbers of foreigners in the country at present. It is sad because the weather is perfect, it is nice and cool all day and night, and I feel for all the hotels, vendors and even the taxi and tuk tuk drivers who are doing it tough with so few customers.

I love my first night when I return to Bangkok, from the nice warm "welcome back" when I knocked on my hotel's front door and for all the hugs from my friends when I went to see them later at the pub. It is a great feeling to know that they have missed me as I always miss them when I return home to Australia. After a few hours of karoake
Karoake SingerKaroake SingerKaroake Singer

No one was asking for my autograph but it was a lot of fun.
seven of us went out to the disco and had a great time till 5 am in the morning. I have had a huge hangover today from drinking too much beer and whiskey a bit too fast. Usually I pace myself much better with the drinking but I guess I was so happy to see everyone last night that I got a bit carried away.

I called my Thai family near Korat late today and everyone wants to know when I will be returning to see them. I am looking forward to my week in Chiang Mai but it I will also be thinking about seeing everyone in the village when I go there on Tuesday December 23rd. They don't really celebrate Christmas here but I think we will go out for a meal together and it will be so great to be with them all again.

All the best from Leon in Bangkok and soon Chiang Mai


14th December 2008

Hey Leon And here I was thinking I was addicted to Thailand... you seem like you never leave the place!! Have a great time, and say hi to Michelle at the ENP for me if you get this message beforehand! Reet xx
20th December 2008

Safe arrival
HI Leon glad to hear you arrived safely must be a family thing because i had a reallly bad hangover last saturday too. In scotts words our aging bodies cant handle it anymore. Hope you enjoy your week with the elephants,looking forward to reading your blog as always. Take care love Anthea
1st January 2009

Hi Reet
Hi Reet - Yes I do love Thailand - I missed your message but had a very nice time at Elephant Nature Park and have just returned from Chock Chai near Korat where I stay with a Thai family. It's hard to believe what has happened to me in Thailand and I have found a friend and family in a village where everyone seems to like having me around. It was not easy leaving after 8 days there to come to Bangkok again for New Years Eve - Happy New Year from Leon
1st January 2009

Happy New Year
Hi Anthea, I am back in Bangkok after staying in the village again, all is good except I have a cold which I hope will not last too long. I had an early new Years Eve at 3 am as I needed some sleep and am saving myself for a big night out Sunday for a friend in Bangkok's birthday which will probably be the all night disco, hope so anyway - "Sawatdee Bpii Mai" or Happy New Year from Leon to all my family, friends and everyone in South Australia and whomever may read this blog.

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