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December 20th 2007
Published: December 20th 2007
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Saai & ISaai & ISaai & I

at Central World (mall) in Bangkok
It's Thursday, December 20, and I'm two days away from heading to America to see family & friends for Christmas.

I'm looking forward to this short visit. I leave Bangkok on December 22 and arrive in Denver, Colorado later that same day. I'll be in transit for almost 24 hours, but with the time change, I don't lose a day. The time gets eaten up though on my return to Bangkok (leave Denver on Dec 31 and arrive in Bangkok on January 2).

It's been over 1 month since my last update. What have I been doing? I've been busy working, and spending most of my free time with Saai.

There have a been a few events too. Saai's church had a sports competition last month that I participated in. Those in the church were split between 4 teams, and competed in sand volleyball, ping-pong, badminton, soccer, and basketball.

Saai and I were on different teams, but I only played against her in volleyball (co-ed). I played soccer and basketball as well (yikes, it had been awhile since I'd played those sports). My team (blue team) won the volleyball competition (that was fun!). Considering I was the
Red TeamRed TeamRed Team

Sports Day at Saai's church
only person to score for my team in basketball, that was by far our worst sport. Saai's team (red team) won the overall competition. I found it a good way to get to know some more people at Saai's church.

Last Sunday, Saai's church had a Christmas show. Saai was an M.C. for the show. I'm going most of the time to ECB (Evangelical Church of Bangkok), which I really like, but still make it to Saai's church occasionally. Saai's very connected at Covenant Church, but since services are in the Thai language only, it's not the best fit for me now.

This week has been fun at school, as I've put a special emphasis on Christmas. I explained the meaning behind Christmas (Jesus' birthday), shared the story of his birth (using Nativity flash cards), taught Christmas carols (a bit odd to be singing by myself in front of 40 students before they picked up enough to sing with me!), and played Christmas themed games. Oh, I also did a little review for their midterm exams next week. Umm, actually, I usually stick pretty close to the textbooks (English Time by Oxford University Press).

Ok, this blog

displaying her Nativity drawing.
is going to be pretty short but I'll try to compensate with lots of pictures!

Maybe I'll get a blog done in Colorado????

Look! There goes Dave!

Additional photos below
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at dinner
Birthday Dinner!Birthday Dinner!
Birthday Dinner!

Want some ribs? My birthday dinner at American Rib Company on Raminthra Rd.
Birthday Cake?Birthday Cake?
Birthday Cake?

How about mangos with sticky rice. Much better!
Christmas ShowChristmas Show
Christmas Show

The drama team @ Covenant Church's Christmas Show

Saai at the Christmas Show.
Saai and ISaai and I
Saai and I

in front of Major (mall) with their Christmas decorations.
4/1 Class4/1 Class
4/1 Class

An atypical moment...the kids are focused.
JJ in my 5/1 classJJ in my 5/1 class
JJ in my 5/1 class

is amped! Can an English teacher use that word? You betcha.
4/1 Students4/1 Students
4/1 Students

Mam and Mild
View, Tung, and OffView, Tung, and Off
View, Tung, and Off

in my 6/1 class (6th grade, 1st level)
Sand Volleyball Sand Volleyball
Sand Volleyball

at Kasetsart University (part of Sports Day @ Saai's church).

22nd December 2007

Merry Christmas
Have a trip back to US!!
1st January 2008

Dave Great to see you're doing so well, and living out your plans and dreams. How was Christmas back home in the US?

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