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November 1st 2007
Published: November 2nd 2007
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Ornate Spirit House protecting a buildingOrnate Spirit House protecting a buildingOrnate Spirit House protecting a building

Food, drink, flowers and furniture are offered to the spirits.
So, I leave BKK:

- Impressed by the number of simple street stalls, selling everything but primarily fresh food, and by the fact that vendors weren't pushy at all. Food is everywhere.

- With the colors gold, yellow and orange ingraved on my eyes, from the temples, the number of people wearing the color of the monarchy and of the Monks' robes. Buddhism and the Monarchy are sacred to the Thai people without a doubt.

- Amazed by how the Thai adore their King, who have been on the throne for more than 60 years!

- Without seeing the red-light district or sings of the shameful sex tourist industry, as I planned.

- Fascinated by the fresh flowers being turned into garland for offerings.

- Disappointed to learn that some Thai monks have engaged in very non-Buddhists ways, being linked to pretty bad stuff. I was surprised to see monks smoking!!!

- Glad that the Thai people are clean, showering many times per day but very uneasy about their "toilet ways", using water and hand for cleaning. I was relieve with the "Wai" way of greeting (prayer like gesture) instead of handshake and "Thank
Snakes anyone?Snakes anyone?Snakes anyone?

For sale, alive...
Buddha" I brought plenty of wipes, as toilet paper wasn't in sight :-(

- I also leave BKK with very dirty feet, since shoes were allowed basically only on the streets. Barefoot is the way in temples, homes and my guesthouse.

The heat, strong smells, toilets, traffic, temples, monks, yellow, orange and more bright colors, all packed into more memories of another cultured discovered.

Tomorrow, yet another...

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Beautiful FlowerBeautiful Flower
Beautiful Flower

It grows directly from the tree trunck
Spirit HouseSpirit House
Spirit House

Along side Buddhism, animism is practiced. Spirit house are placed on a pedestal outside houses and buildings to attract spirits to live there, living the familiy alone while giving them good fortune.

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