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June 14th 2007
Published: June 14th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

hey all!

We'll I'm here!! And still feels bit surreal yet amazing at same time!!

Not much to tell at the mo! Didn't get here until 6pm, last night and was so tired from the 11 hour flight (and the non-stop blubbing at the airport - you thought I was bad on that Sunday Ste, but was nothing compared to airport! All us girls together + mum + dad = emotional wreck!). So just got to hotel and slept through til morning!

Got up early (well, for us! Made 10am breakfast...just!) and mooched around Koh San Road where we're staying!! It's mental!! Cars and Tuk Tuks everywhere! The Thai's even wear smog masks because of the pollution...never know, could be the new trend in London soon!

Had a Thai massage! Was amazing!! 75p for a full body massage! Was heaven! Although got a bit scared when the feet came out! The little Thai woman was literally crawling all over me! Did the job though!

Then hit the shops (you know me!!). So cheap out here it's unreal!!!! Wanna buy it all, but keep forgetting that it's all gonna go on my back! And my bag was size of a car before I even left the country! Ekk!

Nice and hot here! Say nice, but bit unbearable at times! Sit down for 2 secs and looks like peed myself from the sweat! Yuk!!! Don't know how you coped in Iraq mum!! Guess will make Sar withdraw from the make up addiction...literally drops off ya face its that humid!!

We're meeting up with our friend Rob tonight who lives in Bangkok! Think he's gonna take us to a nice Thai resturant to sample the food! Mmmmm!!! Then hit the bars! Woohoo!!!! Gonna have to keep an eye out for those ladyboys though! They are sooo convincing!!

Anyway, gonna go now!

I'll be in touch again soon with some pics!


14th June 2007

hiya, i`m glad you got there safe, the green eyed moster is already out for me, don`t do anything i wouldn`t do which leaves you with anthing. all my love xx ps i`ll be having afew vodka`s for you all

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