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March 4th 2007
Published: March 4th 2007
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Supper was so good!! and so were the Singhas!! Not sure how many I had really......but none the less they were good!! Annop's house is so nice!! AND he said I could come stay any time. so now I am torn about my next trip. Is is going to be back to Aussie land that I have been missing so much, or back to Bangkok to visit friends again.............or is it going to be somewhere less familiar like Africa or central Euorpe? Auggghhh. Ciao for now.


4th March 2007

Glad you had a great night...what an awesome experience this is for you
4th March 2007

Sounds like a great time :)
Hi Rhonda, I'm so happy that you're having a great trip - and your tan looks great. Today was a balmy 6C - much better than the -25C we had earlier this week :( Happy Travels.
4th March 2007

you mean your next trip wont be hitting the punching bag at the hub... darn it.. try africa would love to go myself..enjoy
5th March 2007

rocking trip
Hey Rhonda, its SOOOO cool that you had a chance to see Annop!! I hope you said hello to him from all his canadian friends. Alex is TOTALLY impressed and blown away at this trip of yours, it was so fun to be able to tell him all about it and watch the expression on his face as I told him some of your stories then showed him the pictures. It takes an awful lot to impress him and you've done just that... It rocks having cool friends like you! You just make the rest of us look good. If you get a chance please call us after your back but before we leave on the 20th. See you soon... Laura
6th March 2007

Hello and how are you? I have become addicted to reading your blog and staring in awe at the great pictures you have captured. I can't even imagine all the awsome things you are seeing and doing (I especially loved the pics and video of all the nasty food in Phuket). Hope the rest of your trip continues to be as spectacular. Tasha P.S. your tan in amazing!!!
6th March 2007

IGA Whitecourt...
Did you hear the roof caved...? No one hurt but Sann/IGA are closed for almost a week already... Nothing else to tell you...it was -15 and it rained a bit today...nice! Glad you're having fun...stay safe and be good!

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