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February 9th 2007
Published: February 9th 2007
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Bankok to

Zoom in to the red point on the satelite picture: this is a place you never want to go to. Details on our passage from Thailand in to Poi Pet (aka Moss Isley Spaceport) in the next entry...

Golden Budha 1Golden Budha 1Golden Budha 1

This a close up of a solid gold statue of Budha...
It is February 9th as I write this. We are presently in HoChiMinh City (Saigon), and I will try to get you caught up to the present. Here goes:

... When we last saw our heroes they were travelling back to Bangkok from Chiang Mai, where they'd enjoyed great food, beautiful weather, and magnificent Flora. And then...

The last meal we had in Chiang Mai was in what turned out to be a dodgey restaurant. It was conveniently located next to our guesthouse, and it had been recommended by British backpackers (...and if anyone knows good food...). In any case, the next morning's train ride turned out for the worse for Jen: Travellers' Discomfort is what we'll call it, if that's alright, and we won't go into any further details.

Twelve hours on the train, and a quick commute by Bankok public transit, which is lovely (no, really, it is quite marvelous), and we were settled in to our guesthouse near the National Stadium.

Twenty-four hours later I was struck with the debilitating bug, and Jen and I could go no further than a few hundred metres in any direction during any outing for the next four
Golden Budha 2Golden Budha 2Golden Budha 2

... and it's only 3 metres tall
days. Luckily, we were housed very near one of the great shopping districts of Bangkok, and a few other attractions, including Jim Thompson's house.

Jim Thompson was a New Englander who did some work the OSS (which was later to become the CIA), and was stationed in Bangkok during World War II. He took a shining to Thailand, and moved there permanently after he'd returned to New York City and found too tame. He started promoting Thai silk the world over, and became quite wealthy in the process. His home, which was built on the bank of a canal, is now a museum. You can't take any pictures inside the house, so you will have to google his name if you want to see it.

Once we were mostly recovered, Jen and I checked ouselves in to the Hilton for a two night stay using her Hilton Honours Club points. All rooms have a river view, and there is a complimentary river shuttle which gets you from the Skytrain station to the hotel, and back. Quite nice. We pampered ourselves by taking multiple hot showers and baths over a 60 hour period. Much needed.

We met with
I love these guys!I love these guys!I love these guys!

I wish I could say more about these statues from the Royal Palace in Bangkok, but we mailed our guidebook home.
our Man in Bangkok, Chandler, and had dinner with him and his friend, who's name I won't attempt to spell in order to avoid displaying my ignorance (oops. I guess I wrote that out loud.). We had a wonderful time discussing peaches (which she has never had) and cheese (which she doesn't like), and ladyboys (which she claimed to be). Chandler was a student in Bangkok, and writes for the International Freelance Press Association. Chandler is presently working on a documentary featuring the political environment of Thailand. A good fellow to know when you want the low-down on Bangkok.

From Bangkok we were off to Cambodia...

Additional photos below
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A mini Angkor Wat A mini Angkor Wat
A mini Angkor Wat

...also at the Thai Grand Palace
Palace Guard says:Palace Guard says:
Palace Guard says:

Can I just bayonet one of the tourists? Please?
Reclining BuddhaReclining Buddha
Reclining Buddha

Just to give you an idea, this guy's head is about 10 metres tall
An all too oft-witnessed sceneAn all too oft-witnessed scene
An all too oft-witnessed scene

The beauty of all things is enhanced by standing a group of tourists in front of it
Jen says:Jen says:
Jen says:

I've had it! I'm checking myself into the Hilton!!

The Good, The bad, but you can't really see the ugly from up here...
Now. THIS is traffic...Now. THIS is traffic...
Now. THIS is traffic...

Always a good time at rush-hour in Bangkok. Note that a red light does not necessarily mean "stop"
THIS is Bangkok!THIS is Bangkok!
THIS is Bangkok!

Praying to the Business Deity, Siamese dancing girls, tuk-tuks, skytrains...

18th February 2007

nice blog
hey I am in Ho Chi Minh City at an internet cafe and when I went to go log into my travel blog the autofill took me to your site. I was curious so I checked out your blog. pretty cool and great commentary. keep up the good work and enjoy your travels.
20th February 2007

We might even have crossed paths...
Thank you for the words of encouragement, Craig. Please send me your blog details so that I can check your page out. Still in HCMC, Dom

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