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July 3rd 2006
Published: July 31st 2006
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After leaving our perfect Hotel (boo hoo) and after another sleepless night on the overnight VIP bus (not too sure what VIP stands for?) we ended up back on the Khoa San Rd but nothing was open as it was 6.30 am. We found the travellers rest and waited for the travel agents to open so we sort out our visas for Cambodia and Laos. We discovered it would take 2 days to get them, so we thought we would take that time to see Ayuthaya. We also had to trek across Bangkok to sort out our thai visa at the immigration office - this place was crazy, it turned out we would get a renewed visa when re-entereing thailand, so it was a wasted journey and we were soooooo tired. We even got in a taxi outside which drove us around the corner and then for no aparent reason told us to get out, till this day we dont know why. It was almost mid day by this point and still had not had any sleep. we made our way back to Khoa San, filled out our visa application and then headed to the train st. We just made the train to Ayuthaya at only 30 bht for both of us. The train was packed but did manage to get a seat on the hard rigid upright chairs. When arriving at Ayuthaya we were mobbed by tuk-tuk drivers telling us that the main area was 5km's away, however, according to our trusted traveller bible said it was only a short walk to the ferry boat, which takes you across the river arriving in the main area. Them tuk-tuk drivers are crafty! Ayuthaya is the ancient capital of Thailand, before Bangkok. It has four rivers around it givng it a natural moat and is famous its many temples, one is even based on the same architecture as Angkor Wat in Cambodia. We managed to find a decent guesthouse at 100bht a night - bargain! The next day we hired bikes to get around and see some of the many temples. We discovered a great park which was very relaxing and made easy cycling away from the hectic roads. There were many elephants roaming around with tourists on their backs. After seeing a few temples we headed towards the Tourist Info where it gave a comprehensive history of Ayuthaya. The old Capital is more relaxed than Bangkok and is worth a couple of days to explore but there are only so many temples you can take. Back to Bangkok, where we collected our visas and then caught the train for Chiang Mai...

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31st July 2006

Im disappointed that you didnt participate in the crocodile show. i would have thought you would have enjoyed the experience of putting your head in its mouth!!!. Have been waiting with baited breath for the next instalment and again its been riveting. keep em comin. Good to see you both enjoying yourselves, beats kingstanding circle anyday! lots of love X
31st July 2006

Fantastic photos
We are really enjoying your travels with you thankyou very much.The photos are excellant and Olly you do look like dad even more!!!!!You both look so well keep the blog going and take care both, miss you, lots of love mum and dad xxx
1st August 2006

bikini babe
hi amy and ollie blog was great as usual talk about living the dream! i couldnt of gone swimming with the fishes let alone the sharks! considering your daily diet is consisting of curry and KFC you both are looking surprisingly svelt? is it the thai heat? you will have to let me know your secret. Sophie made 3 glitter pictures for you yesterday and aportrait of you and ollie which even with the goggly eyes still was agood likeness of you both. Eden is talking all the more and is like a parrot copying every last word. speak 2 u soon the cuddsx
1st August 2006

like watching bond movies
hi both ,as i said you two could be in the bond movies or hawaii five o ,nice surfing ol ,looks like your,e really enjoying yourselves.Fancy swimming with sharks,youare so brave,i couldnt have done it .hope you are both eqting your veggies,typical mom,mind you amy looks likeyou could do withsomething to bind you up looking at that photo,anddid ollie have a curry the night before you got in that taxi.Youare seeing some fantastic sights,im so jealous,still we are seeing them with you i am looking forward to ostend on the 4th aug then week after, a week in stratford in a caravan with barb nicole and our two little angels, your dads coming for the weekend,and following weekend paris disneyland with barb and nicole lucky girl ,sorry old un i mean anyway everyone sends their love look after each other,speak soon keep bloggin its great love mom and dad xxxxxx
2nd August 2006

im sooooo jealous
5th September 2006

Thai Taxi
Hi, You don't know me but i am Gerard (Ged) Ormerod's sister and I live in Bangkok. Your blog is very interesting, sounds like you are both having wonderful experiences. Just an idea about why the taxi dumped you; often if you want to go a long way by taxi and it is a bad time of day traffic wise (pretty much all the time!) the taxi will let you get in becuase Thais hate to say no to foreigners (farangs) and then their sense of "I am not driving through all that traffic" kicks in and they stop and make you get out, he may have had a booking for later, or he didn't know how to get there and it was too difficult to ask you (spoke no English). Anyway it happens, even to me who has been here for 2 years. Usually you find another taxi eventually. Just know it was probably not personal. Enjoy!

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