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Asia » Tajikistan » Langar September 2nd 2018

Day 13 Yamg to Langar to Bachor Driving Distance- 270km Sleeping altitude 3370m Highest point altitude -4360m Take a walk through the village this morning, first to the site of the stone pillar that the Sufi mystic, Muabara Kadam Wakhani (there are multiple spellings of everything here, you will see the K and Q are pretty interchangeable), fashioned into a solar calendar. We then reach the museum which is a reconstructed Wakhan house, each of the rooms displaying various artifacts, books, poems, letters and display boards. The usual TJS 10 admission (you should all know this is AUD $1.24 by now). It's a fascinating stop and the caretakers are proud of their heritage. I keep wishing I could spend a full day in each of these villages. I also really like the way the walls and ... read more
Doors To Rooms
Home Stay Yard

Asia » Tajikistan » Langar November 14th 2017

TAJIKISTAN with the Tajik Outlaws Part 3. I once had a muscular physique...girls used to watch me play tennis...said they liked my legs. Then I met Denise and the girl followers dropped off as my new hot blonde made it clear they should..."clear off". Our first day was at a music festival. Years passed. I still played tennis and kept trim & taut. When the body started giving out...the mirror became a last resort. Attending music festivals, band gigs and dancing became our life of music heaven constantly kicked in. There was also our love of travel...the remoter the better. When Travel Camel invited us to Tajikistan he said as there was a Dancing Car he'd arrange a music event. That was NOT in the printed itinerary...nor was being challenged to take my clothes off. ... read more
In my culture
Yamg Homestay Dance Fest
Yamg Homestay

Asia » Tajikistan » Langar August 13th 2017

Day 5 and the 3rd day of our Wakhan Valley detour. We spent the day in Langar, we didn’t want to just rush through everywhere and given we were nearly halfway through we thought a rest day in Langar would be perfect. We had a slow start and then we went down to the main part of the village which is very spread out across the road. We were staying up a level effectively on a flat piece of the hillside which meant that we got great mountain views. As we were walking through the village we got invited in for chai by a family. The eldest daughter spoke good English and while we were there one of her brother’s turned up he didn’t speak great English, but did speak a little. He offered to take ... read more

Asia » Tajikistan » Langar August 12th 2017

It was about 160km from Ishkashim to Langar. For most part the road was pretty reasonable and with quite a few stops it still only took us 5.5 hours to get there. The scenery was beautiful, wide open valleys with big mountains forming a guard on either side. As we left Ishkashim there was a lot of life in the valley as people were heading out to work in the fields with donkeys and cows in tow, before it got hot. Our first stop of the day was Yamchum Fort. It sits high above the valley, up a series of steep switchbacks, so has the most fantastic views - down the valley to the left and right, and directly in front the huge mountains in Afghanistan. Built in the 12th Century it played a key role ... read more
The fort
Leaving the hot springs

Asia » Tajikistan » Langar July 19th 2016

July 19 - Pamir Highway trip Day 8 - Zong to Langar I woke up every hour from 2:30 to 6:30am, but overall I would say I slept pretty well. And I didn't feel any insects on me, so that was a win. I read a little, until Anna got up at 7:30, and then we all met for breakfast at 8am. Afterwards, we headed out for our morning hike. Dish, our driver, drove us back to Zong, a nearby village. From there, we had a one hour hike straight up, basically. We asked people for directions to the fort, and one man walked us part of the way up. We passed several donkeys along the way. Close to the fort, I took out my camera, but dropped my lens cap. I watched it roll back ... read more
Morning hike
New friends
View uphill

Asia » Tajikistan » Langar July 18th 2016

July 18 - Pamir Highway trip Day 7 - Yamchun to Langar Not so good sleep again, but that is normal. I woke up before 7am but the others slept on until at least 8:30. We had breakfast around 9am, and again, there was a bit of a misunderstanding. Three of us had ordered porridge, with one getting fried eggs (but no sausage), but in the end, we all got everything. Not bad, though. We left a little after 10am and I got the front seat for a change. Good views. We were supposed to stop in Yamg first, but the driver passed it and we ended up in nearby Vrang. Here we hiked a short distance up to see a Buddist stupa. The views from up there were really good. Next we headed back to ... read more
Wakhan valley
Scrambling up the rock face
Scrambling up the rock face

Asia » Tajikistan » Langar August 17th 2010

From Frichtamo homestay in Jawshangoz we slowly made our way out, as the path is bad, swampy bogs and dodgy bridge and river crossings, 2 locals jumped on the back of our 4wd to guide Kevin on where to go and which turn is safe to take, we made it to a gravel road and along the way we met up with a push biker, it's Ricky, the Kiwi dude we met in Pamir lodge in Khorog, we chatted a bit and then stopped at a small magasin where there is nothing worthwhile to buy, Ricky is heading towards the pass so we said bye to him. It was a long but gorgeous ride towards our target destination Turumtal Kul, an alpine lake at 4,202 meters, scenic drive it was, we felt like we are in ... read more
drive to Turumtal Kul lake
Turumtal Kul lake
Bulungkul lake

Asia » Tajikistan » Langar May 21st 2010

Here we are happily riding through Tajikistan waving at people in Afghanistan. They are not far away, just on the other side of the river less than 100m away. Mind it looks a lot poorer in Afghanistan. We have electricity cables running along our side, brick houses and, obviously, a motorable road. On the Afghan side there's no signs of electricity, its mud houses and the 'road' is just a donkey track - but what a donkey track. It clings to the side of the mountain following the contours and where there's not even enough flat space for a donkey track they have built out the most amazing dry stone wall to support the track. It goes on for miles and miles and miles. Between Kalaikhum and Khorog the scenery is amazing. We are right deep ... read more
the road from Kalaikhum to Khorog
a spot of routine maintenance required
a 'road' on the Tajik side - a donkey track on the Afghan side

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