Day 6 Back to the Pamir Highway - Langar to Bulunkul Lake

Published: April 22nd 2018
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We left Langar, and the Wakhan Valley, and travelled to Bulunkul Lake. We don't know how far it was - not so far - it took us 4.5 hours and the road most of the way was rough. The road out of the Wakhan Valley is called the road of the fallen soldiers, though we can't recall why. Langar sits at the confluence of the Wakhan and Pamir rivers which then becomes the Panji River. The Tajik/Afghan bord... Read Full Entry

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23rd April 2018

Bulunkul Lake
The Tajikistan High Pamir...Paradise by another word. Magnificent. Great pics and how good you kept bumping into Ivan and Francesco.
23rd April 2018

Meeting the locals
Yaks meet sheep with maybe the odd goat if I'm not mistaken. Great pic
3rd May 2018

At the confluence of the Wakhan and Pamir Rivers
The volatility of the waters in this area was amazing. Great photography. Thanks for sharing your story.

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