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Asia » Tajikistan » Fan Mountains August 30th 2014

Being in the former USSR, I'm finding it difficult to avoid the vodka theme based traveling. I had every intention of heading straight to the Fan Mountains from Dushanbe, Tajikistan's capital, but while traveling in the share taxi to Sarvoda I was invited by my fellow passengers to their family's house in Aydin for a pre-wedding party (the wedding would take place the following weekend). I initially tried to politely refuse because I only had 2 days for the mountains, but when we got to Sarvoda kind of late in the afternoon I was asked again and accepted. From the moment I walked through the door last Saturday it was a Tajik feeding frenzy with piles of bread, fruit, yogurt, meat, and plov the ubiquitous Central Asian dish that I'd somehow not yet eaten during the ... read more
Iskander Kol
На Здоровья!
Unconscionable Amounts of Food

Asia » Tajikistan » Fan Mountains August 1st 2010

The Tajik cognac still has it's effect on me,still a bit groggy I forced myself out of bed to get ready for a big day, I start my 4 day trek in the Fan mountains but first I have to buy food in the bazaar, I took a minivan marshrustka to the bazaar, It took me awhile to figure out what to buy, what I need, I started at the fruit section and bought the delicious mini pears from my favorite stall, this shy girl wanted to know my name but she can't express it in English, finally after giving me my change she pointed to herself and announced her name, so then I get it, nice to meet you, Gil in her broken English, all the while the whole fruit section watching us charade, they ... read more
Alaudin pass and lakes
2nd Turursh
Garm lake

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