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March 30th 2008
Published: March 30th 2008
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These photos were taken at 7am in Caotun, Nantou County, Taiwan. 7am is nice almost anywhere -soft morning air, birds, light traffic, stillness, morning dew, all that good stuff. Not so in many areas of Taiwan. I have wondered for a long time why it is that Taiwan's buildings are so hideously ugly, and I finally came to conclusion that when it came time to "designing and planning" these structures, whatever was deemed the fastest, easiest, cheapest way possible to throw them up, that's how it was done.

Fastest, easiest, cheapest.



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A Caotun business establishmentA Caotun business establishment
A Caotun business establishment

with an address on the main artery of town.
corrugated iron paradisecorrugated iron paradise
corrugated iron paradise

city planners let their imaginations run wild in Caotun
finished with lunchfinished with lunch
finished with lunch

there were a lot more than this one
saunas everywheresaunas everywhere
saunas everywhere

but some of these corrugated iron and tarpaulin establishments are not much bigger than tool sheds. so maybe you're really getting into a bathtub with her here
pollution makerpollution maker
pollution maker her night market clothes, rolling through town with a loud, dirty motor
can't read Chinesecan't read Chinese
can't read Chinese

...don't know what's inside
everytown Taiwaneverytown Taiwan
everytown Taiwan

Every town in Taiwan -with the exception of Taipei- looks exactly the same. It's a unique phenomenon to this island. But, then again, it's not surprising given all Taiwanese builders follow (to this day) the same motto: fastest, easiest, cheapest

30th March 2008

Nantou looks utterly horrendous. Taiwan is without doubt the ugliest place I have ever seen. I sincerely don't know how it could be worse. Noise, filth, pollution, betel nut, spitting... the list just goes on and on.
31st March 2008

sexy ladies
wow, I guess sex appeal sells everywhere...I'll buy anything those hot ladies in the ads are selling!

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