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November 22nd 2014
Published: November 22nd 2014
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This is the kind lady who volunteered to be our tour guide. We never met her before.
This afternoon I met my best friend, who is Finnish, at the subway station called "World Games". This is where Kaoshuing's largest sporting arena is located. Looks like it could seat ten of thousands of people. More significantly, there is an extremely gorgeous, peaceful, natural area, just right outside the gaming area. So when there are no events going on, you can experience blessed quietness and beauty so little felt in the bustling city scene. At the outset of this exploration, my friend (Kiya) and I had no clue how to get to this place. It wasn't far from the subway station, but there were blockades everywhere because there were so many private facilities nearby. And then--we saw it~ just across the fence! But how to cross it? At long last, Kiya asked an older lady--how do we get into that place?
She pointed out that the fences lowers toward the end (hidden from view by big bushes), and that at that place we could step across. At the same time, she volunteered to give us a tour of the whole area! So for the next half hour, this random stranger took us around the scenic area as well as gaming arena and explained various aspects of these tourist attractions. She even took photos for us! We were blessed to have her with us, as we sought refuge from the busy city scene.

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