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Asia » Taiwan » Hualien » Yuli September 30th 2014

At lunchtime, after our fruitless morning trying to visit Pine Gardens we checked out of the hotel, walked across the wide square to the train station and were lucky enough to catch a train leaving immediately for our next destination, Ruisui, a small town about 70 klms from Hualien. We were planning on going to the hot springs there. As the train approached the town we both decided that it really didn't look as pretty as we were expecting so decided just to continue on down the line to the next town. The train was passing through the East Rift Valley between two mountains and both ranges were easily visible from the train. The scenery around Ruisi was dominated by a white river basin - which meant grey gravelly river bed and grey water - not ... read more
The railway path in Yuli
Looking across to the mountains from Yuli
Footpath in Walami National Park near Yuli

Asia » Taiwan » Hualien » Yuli August 4th 2013

Taiwan must be one of the most cycling-friendly countries in the world. Most cities have inner-city cycleways on the roads (i.e. parts of the road painted off for the use of cyclists only) or, even better, parts of the pavement sectioned off from both the pedestrian pavement and the road, just for cyclists. In addition, most places also have recreational routes, next to rivers, around lakes, or just around scenic areas. It is cheap to rent bicycles and I rent a bike probably one day in two, as public transport outside of Taipei is not very comprehensive and most Taiwanese get around by bike or scooter (and many also cycle recreationally). Today I cycled from Yuli to the head of the Walami Trail (there is no public transport to Walami), a route that goes through flat ... read more
Walami Trail suspension bridge
Through farms
View from the Suspension Bridge

Asia » Taiwan » Hualien » Yuli August 4th 2013

The East coast has the highest concentration of Aboriginal people in Taiwan. This is harvest season, so one of the tribes local to Yuli had it annual celebration to thank the gods for a successful crop. The festival took place in the evening on the local playing field, with stalls selling food and drink and various fairground-style games (similar to the night market). The tribe elders were seated on a stage and a succession of performances of traditional song and dance were performed in front of them. The field was badly lit so it was difficult to see what was going on, but the dancing was definitely energetic. Mixed groups of teenagers performed first (perhaps to appeal to them, some of the traditional music had been "remixed" so that it sounded like '90s Europop, and the ... read more
Food and drink stalls
Game stall
The playing field with observers

Asia » Taiwan » Hualien » Yuli February 10th 2013

Roughly halfway between Hualien and Taitung lies the small town of Yuli. The main reason for us to go there is to do some hiking in adjacent Yushan National Park, explore the surrounding area, and spend Chinese New Year's Eve in relative peace and quiet. The southbound local train takes only little more than an hour. We arranged to get picked up from the train station, as our homestay is located a few kilometres outside of Yuli. A friendly bald man in his sixties approaches us, waving and smiling, and we proceed to introduce ourselves. After a few minutes' drive, we arrive at a big country house with a beautiful garden overlooking the Central Mountain Range. The lady of the house comes out to greet us. Inside, we are sat back and offered some tea. It ... read more
Pouring the tea
Volcanic mapo doufu at a different place
Stunning Yushan National Park

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