Sri Lanka 6 & 7th days - Weir House in Kandy - Fri&Sat 13-14 Jan 2017

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January 13th 2017
Published: March 1st 2017
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Friday was our lazy day. We davened on the balcony which overlooked the jungle and all we could hear were the sounds of the birds and the weir. (Well there had to be a reason it was called Weir House - it was situated far above a weir which diverted some of the canal water.)

For breakfast we enjoyed string hoppers with dahl curry and sambal which is a very hot curry along with fresh fruit which tasted divine.

We lazed around until Shabbat reading and playing Boggle. I finished my Agatha Christie book "Sleeping Murder" and Caroline finished "Decline and Fall" which meant that I had a new book to read for Shabbat!

Don had read "The View from Serendip" on the flight to Sri Lanka. This short work written in 1977 by Arthur C. Clarke provided some modern background to the country we were about to tour, and his insights into Ceylon / Sri Lanka. Don followed that by reading Clarke's science fiction book "The Fountains of Paradise" set in a future variant of Sri Lanka. He was glad that he first visited Sigiriya Rock to understand just how much of what Clarke wrote was faithful to his beloved island home and its ancient history.

After Caroline and I lit candles Don and I sat in the lounge and sang our rendition of a Carlebach kabbalat shabbat. Caroline decided that the singing was embarrassing. We then made kiddush on the bottle of kosher wine and hamotze on the matzos that we had brought with us, and had a long dinner.



Saturday was Shabbat so another lazy day. I finished "Decline and Fall" while the others read their various books. We played another round of 'Concept' which Don and I still hadn’t come to grips with, until we even had Caroline degenerating into Charades.

Caroline wasn’t feeling very well. She felt iron deficient so Lucien very kindly went into town to get her some iron tonic and a bag of spinach. Over the next days this seemed to help and Caroline was back to her energetic self.

I gave Lesly the recipe for a vegan cake. He looked very skeptical and worried about the whole thing. But when he presented it, it was so delicious. He grinned from ear to ear.

As I said the people are delightful.


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