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Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Horton Plains NP November 22nd 2017

Dneska se stalo něco, co se ještě asi nikdy nestalo. Jestli jsem necim znamy, tak faktem, ze nerad brzo vstavam. A jelikož jsme včera vstavali na vychod slunce na Adam's peaku, tak byla pravdepodobnost brzkého vstavani velice mala. Ale plan byl neuprosny a abychom dneska všechno stihli, měli jsme snidani objednanou na pul sestou, takze jsme si uzili tousty a mohli přitom obdivovat vychod slunce nad krajinou. Teda teoreticky mohli, protože jsme všichni byli ve stavu, kdy vyorana mys by proti nam byla cila jako rybicka. Ale asi tam nekde za oknem nejaky vychod slunce fakt probehl, protože vecer fakt probehl zapad slunce a při odjezdu uz bylo svetlo… Ten sileny a naprosto nesmyslny plan, kvůli kteremu se Pavlik nemohl poradne vyspinkat, obsahoval navstevu parku Horton plains, jizdu vlakem a prozkoumani mestecka Ella. Jediny, kdo s ... read more
Horton plains - velky konec sveta
Horton plains - vodopad
Srilancke zeleznice

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Horton Plains NP May 31st 2017

Driving through the tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya is something I won’t forget in a long time from my holiday to Sri Lanka. The roads wind along the gentle hills which are completely carpeted with lush tea plantations for as far as the eye can see. Spotted throughout the plantations is the occasional waterfall and you can see the occasional tea picker out in the fields going about their work. On Day 10 we arrived at a tea factory where we learnt about the tea making process and the history of the tea production on the island (first started by us Brits). We then went on to tour Nuwara Eliya which you can definitely see the British influence in the various buildings that used to house the colonials. I also distinctly remember the temperature here was ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Horton Plains NP January 10th 2014

Our first stop today was a gem shop that designs, makes, and sells jewelry. This wasn't on the agenda. Their prices were so ridiculous. But it was a short visit and then we were off to a botanical garden, one of four near Kandy I think. Some of us walked with Sujee, by accident, and he showed us some great stuff. Fruit bats, tiny bees he found by accident, and he is quite knowledgeable about plants. I was content to walk with Sujee and hear what he had to say about certain areas of the garden. This place was not cheap to enter. It was 1100 LKR, although I'm sure Sri Lankans don't have to pay that much. Afterwards we drove back to Kandy and I walked around the local market with Danielle and Nicole taking ... read more
Kandy Botanical Garden

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Horton Plains NP December 24th 2013

A 2 hour train trip took us to Haputale. On our first afternoon we visited a monastery run by Benedictine monks. The grounds were surreal with English rose gardens and pear, apple and orange trees instead of banana and jackfruit, all overrun by little toque macaque monkeys. The monks make strawberry and orange marmalade and the money they make selling it is part of their income. We walked through a bird sanctuary on the way there and bought a bag full of sliced mango topped with chili powder from a boy manning a fruit stand. It sounds like an odd pairing but is actually very good. The next day we hiked Horton's Plain, an enormous national park that has both forest and grasslands. The park rangers do a great job of keeping plastic out by checking ... read more
Horton Plains
Hybiscus & Friend

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Horton Plains NP March 22nd 2012

We bid farewell to Kandy and headed off through the manic morning rush hour to catch the train, a short hop in 3rd class to the nearby Peredenia Junction before boarding another Expo Rail carriage for our journey up to our next stop in Haputale. Given our time constraints we flipped a coin and chose a few days in Haputale rather than the larger town of Ella which, everyone tells us, is beautiful. The train journey was amazing, sharp peaks and dramatic 500m vertical plunges punctuated by mile after mile of beautiful geometric tea plantations, pickers perching on impossibly steep slopes providing the basis for our daily cuppa. This, now, is the Sri Lanka people have waxed lyrical about, it really is quite spectacular. Haputale is perched on a ridge between two peaks, it has to ... read more
The Railway Children!
Such a long way down
On the edge!

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Horton Plains NP February 9th 2010

We left Ella and caught the train to Haputale. It was only a 10km ride but we were in the observation carriage and it was a lovely view out the huge back window of the train, through the tea plantations and around the hills. From Haputale we jumped on the local bus to go to the Dambatenne Tea Factory. It is 11km out of Haputale and the rough road clings to the hills as it weaves around and passes through all the tea estates. Tea plants are grown as far as the eye can see. When we got to the factory, they were not giving any tours that day so we wandered around the estate and spoke to a couple of the tea pickers. The Tamil tea pickers, who are mainly women, move through the bushes, ... read more
View from World's End
View from World's End
Walking at Horton Plains National Park

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Horton Plains NP October 26th 2006

Iata-ne iar in autogara din Welimada. E chiar in centrul orasului langa ceas. In fiecare oras exista un astfel de ceas in mijlocul unei piete. Se spune ca aceasta "traditie" a fost inaugurata pe la 1800 de catre sotia unui guvernator englez, disperata ca localnicii nu prea au notiunea timpului exact :). Ca de obicei dupa cateva intrebari gasim pe cineva care ne spune unde sa asteptam autobuzul. Si a venit chiar la 7:30. Dupa un drum cu ceva peripetii, am ajuns si in Ohiya. In acest sat, unde de fapt nu exista decat o gara si 5 case, nu ar veni nici un turist daca nu ar fi rezervatia naturala-Horton Plains si World's End. Cand ajuns langa gara, era soare foarte puternic si cer senin. Am luat un tuk-tuk pana aproape de Hill Safari guesthouse, ... read more
tea workers' houses

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