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June 16th 2009
Published: June 16th 2009
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I was very very thankful for the 4 hour sleep on the bus trip home from Jindo otherwise I’m not sure I would have properly been able to appreciate the absolutely amazing Lotus Lantern Factitive!

I have always been absolutely intrigued by Asia and its festivals and I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t quite the festivity, here in South Korea, over new year like in China and I was also disappointed that I would be missing the Hong Kong dragon boat races but luckily the Lotus Lantern Festival made up for this, it was absolutely spectacular!

It’s Murphy’s Law that my camera battery would die so I sadly had to rely on a very bad cell phone camera and a disposable camera picked up at one of the local tourist shops.

I did however managed to position myself right in front of the action and I just stood in absolute awe watching all the traditional dancing and music followed by the most unbelievably gigantic parade comprising 1000’s of paraders dressed in traditional outfits, carrying lanterns as well as some of the most magnificent giant lantern floats in all shapes, forms and sizes. For the 1st

waiting to shine at dusk
time in eight months I truly felt like I was in Asia and not just in another city anywhere in the world! It was a truly majestic and phenomenal parade and I just absolutely loved every minute of it and am just so sorry that my camera battery was dead and that I couldn’t capture the even better! I’m slowly but surely ticking things off my must see and do list while in Asia!
It’s so hard to do the Lotus lantern festival any justice through explanation, it’s one of those events you just have to be at and experience to fully understand and it’s just another thing that if you get the chance you must experience!

P.S Sorry again for super dodgy quality photos!

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17th June 2009

Hey Jules What are you talking about... these pics are great... glad to hear you are surviving and still enjoying it out there. I think we are now in the same time zone and season so perhaps i'll catch you on skype soon. Be blessed Paulinrussia

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