Traditional wedding at Korea House.

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June 16th 2009
Published: June 18th 2009
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After yet another night out in the dice Itaewon precinct and a couple of steamy hours sleep at my second home AKA the Hamilton Justine and I headed toward the Seoul traditional folk village for an afternoon stroll. Quite fortuitously we stumbled upon Korea House while on rout, not where we had originally intended to go but what the hell. Wow what a spectacular cluster of traditional Korean buildings set in a magnificent garden with Koi pond to boot lovely and lucky for us we were also just in time to watch a traditional Korean wedding. There is nothing better than setting out on a day’s excursion and stumbling upon an event or a place that you just hadn’t intended visiting.

It’s so lovely to watch a traditional wedding in such a spectacular setting and it makes you want to don a Han bok one day to say your vows, the ceremony is entrenched in tradition with the sharing and drinking of tea apparently forming an integral part of the whole ceremony. Admittedly I’m being a little lazy not finding out exactly what all the symbollogy means but admittedly I was just there to chill out and take in the Korean cultural experience and I could defiantly have thought of worse ways to spend my Sunday afternoon.

So many things on my list of recommendations!

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The wedding tableThe wedding table
The wedding table

Hens, dates, rice cakes and hoards of other symbolic items on the table
Groom Groom

Presenting an offering to his brides family
The GroomThe Groom
The Groom

Paying his respects

14th March 2011

i love this place..its so amazing and a unique place to get married..

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