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August 22nd 2010
Published: August 22nd 2010
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We had Bibimbop in Hanok, which is known for its Bibimbop, it's basically steamed vegetables, beef, nori, and sweet chili paste all mixed up with rice with lots of side dishes.
Hey everyone, Eddie here again, its been a few days since the first blog entry so I'll quickly recap what's been going on since then. After we arrived at our orientation and were situated in our dorms we began attending some lectures about life in Korea and its education system. For the most part they have been interesting and informative, but I won't go into the details. We were pretty busy with lectures on Friday and Saturday (our time), but today (Sunday) we got to go on a field trip!

Our field trip began with a trip to the small village in the Jeonju area called Hanok. Hanok is known for its rich Korean history and world renown food, such as Bibimbop. When we arrived in Hanok we learned about Koreas paper. Koreans have been making paper, called hanji, for thousands of years. Hanji is so well known for its quality that the Chinese palace in the Forbidden City uses it to line the walls and windows. We used Hanji to decorate paper fans (which were more than appreciated in the 30-32 degree Celsius weather, around 85-90 Fahrenheit).

After our fan making was done, we explored Hanok village visiting

Very elaborate, up above are prayer wishes on paper hanging from the ceiling.
places such as its Herbal Medicine Museum, and Gyeonggijeon Shrine. Gyeonggijeon Shrine houses the portrait of King Tae-jo Lee who founded the Joseon Dynasty as well as the portraits of successive kings such as Sun-jong, Cheol-jong, Yeong-jo.

We then took a bus to Jangdeoksa Temple, located high in the hills above Hanok. There we explored the Buddhist Temple and shrines with fellow travelers and pilgrims.

I hope you enjoy the pictures we took, they don't even come close to how amazing the sites were live.
We are well and happy and learning that Korea will be a great place to live in.

Until next time,
Annyounghi keseyo!

Additional photos below
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Electric BoxElectric Box
Electric Box

Even a simple maintainance box gets a little shrine in Jeonju :P The other two people besides me (Eddie) are some friends of ours who happen to be from Oregon, Jeff and Shannon.

Our Dorm from downtown

The gardens in Hanok village were quite beautiful.

There were several little ponds like this along the walkway in Hanok.

More foliage, the sticks holding up the tree seem to be on every single tree in Korea, we don't know why exactly.

Here are the fans we decorated in Hanok
Herb MuseumHerb Museum
Herb Museum

Some little figurines greeting us at the Medicinal Herb Museum


Dried LizardsDried Lizards
Dried Lizards

Have a back ache? Upset stomach? Have a dried lizard!

Acupuncture pressure point chart.
Water wheelWater wheel
Water wheel

Powered by Stacey's, not water.
Little... Dog thingLittle... Dog thing
Little... Dog thing

Erm... We arn't sure what it is, but its fun anyway

Apparenly Jeonju has mascots... from the seventies.

The buildings in Hanok village are of the old style in Korea, they are called Hanoks, hence the name of the village.
Garden WalkwayGarden Walkway
Garden Walkway

Hanok village was pretty much an entire garden

At the entrance to the Shrine at Hanok
Shrine buildingsShrine buildings
Shrine buildings

Very elaborate
Korean ArtKorean Art
Korean Art

There was an art exhibit in Hanok, this was one of the many artworks, all of a similar style.

22nd August 2010

Thanks guys, looks like a wonderful experience! Keep up the communication it really is great to see what you are doing. Love, Dad.
22nd August 2010

Thank you for sharing your photos I am so excited for you two,looks like you are off to a great start...Love all the village images just think of the history!

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