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April 5th 2010
Published: April 5th 2010
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Wanderlust I believe is the word ‘they’ call it. A certain itchiness of the feet, a lust for that which has not yet been experienced and the subsequent adventure it can bring. What is not apparent, at least not to me is whether or not one is born with a desire to travel or whether this is acquired through…well whatever means it may be acquired! So, with that said, I will put the philosophical trek on hold and tell you what I do know…that Miss Amy Foster certainly has wanderlust and somewhere between the moments we first met and today, a significant amount of said wanderlust has unexpectedly rubbed off on me.

And so, with this collective inclination for adventure and escapade we decided to pack up what remained of our belongings in England, say our goodbyes to family and friends for a couple of years and head for shores anew…

Now don’t allow my previous statement to fool you…by ‘shores anew’ your mind may have begun to imagine a distant land where we spend our days in huts next to the beach, wandering the white sandy stretches wearing nothing but cheap clothing, sandals and our lust for life! Well the place we now call home certainly is distant, Check! It does have some white sandy beaches, Check! However, our days are spent away from any beaches in a city with an abundance of neon, traffic and soju. Our new life is rooted in Yeonsu-Gu, in the vibrant city of Incheon, South Korea, a land perhaps not of obvious holiday destination splendour, but one with a very satisfying beauty to those who take the time to experience it.

It just so happens that we are here working for twelve months teaching English to kindergarten and elementary children in a private school here in Yeonsu-Gu. Our plan upon leaving England was to teach for a year, enjoy the South Korean experience and then travel the world as far as the money we save can take us! It is our hope that, through reading these entries over the next couple of years, we can provide you with a small piece of an experience that will perhaps prove the most significant of both of our lives. I sit here in our new home, and it is late at night…the Paul Simon song “Loves Me like a Rock” is playing on my laptop and I am genuinely fascinated as to how this adventure will change our lives. We hope you enjoy the journey with us…

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16th April 2010

At last your blog is up and running and it is a really well thought out and witty opening page, your mum and I are really looking forward to "following" you both around the world and hope you and Amy have the time of your lives and treasure these memories forever.
25th August 2010

I just miss you both so much but want you too have a great time and come home safe. love you both lots xxxxxxxxxxx

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