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September 17th 2010
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So Lara, Danielle, Savana, and I went to dinner last night and tried a new kind of meat.... It tasted kind of like ham and was served in a huge black pumpkin... It was actually quite tasty although I only ate a few bites because I was weirded out. So, so far in Korea, I have eaten octopus and after last night, dog. Don't knock it til you try it! haha Sorry to all of you dog lovers out there!! I don't think I will ever eat it again, even though it was kind of delicious, it's just not for me. After dinner we took the dog for a walk around the town and Lara and I ran through the fountain (the same fountain as the pics from the first blog entry) and got soaked! Although it was really fun and invigorating, I immediately regretted that decision because it was kind of a chilly night, but it was okay because we warmed up pretty quickly once we started walking back home 😊.

The night before last I went for a walk by myself along this really nice trail two blocks away from my house. I ended getting to see a performance, which was kind of like a talent show. The first guy that I saw was playing the sax with some dance music in the background, I surprisingly really liked it and want to buy a CD if I can find out who he is. Next were four ladies wearing black and singing love songs (I didn't understand what they were saying, obviously, but I'm assuming it was because it was that love song tempo)- not really my style but I definitely appreciated their voices 😊. And the best was last- a women and man performed a duet and when they came on the audience went crazy, so I'm assuming they are famous - which didn't surprise me because they were really entertaining and had great voices 😊😊.

I'm really happy here! 😊 I'm so thankful that I've made friends already- Lara, Danielle, Savana, Tim, and Cedric are all really nice and fun. We have a lot of laughs together and we are all wanting to experience anything and everything that we can while in Korea 😊!

This Saturday "the Americans" and I are going to Busan to Gukje market, where you can bargain shop and then going
double barber poledouble barber poledouble barber pole

just a barber shop with two poles or something else going on here? haha we heard that it means there's more action that takes place than hair cutting...
to Jagalchi market which is the biggest seafood market in Busan (and possibly Korea) that has all kinds of marine life that you can see and taste- cooked and or raw 😉.

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octopus for saleoctopus for sale
octopus for sale

I got a healthy dose of octopus water on my foot... tell more in next blog..
They're very pushy at JagalchiThey're very pushy at Jagalchi
They're very pushy at Jagalchi

Some lady trying to get Lara to go to her restaurant

I didn't try it, nor shall I, but Cedric said it tastes exactly the same.. And I heard they have a kimchi burger
Gukje MarketGukje Market
Gukje Market

Super cheap everything
I love this quote!I love this quote!
I love this quote!

I saw this when googling photos of Korea before leaving and then randomly got to see it in person at Gukje ;)
dog meat in a black pumpkindog meat in a black pumpkin
dog meat in a black pumpkin

we were all nervous before it came out
but then...but then...
but then...

obviously got used to the idea of eating dog (one time deal for me!)
Happy Chuseok!Happy Chuseok!
Happy Chuseok!

Korean Thanksgiving... Tim, Cedric, and I met up and ate at the subway station (where it was covered because it was raining) and ate at the circle bench with an invisible table... good times! :)

3rd October 2010

Milo and Gidget are very disappointed in you.....

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