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September 27th 2010
Published: September 27th 2010
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Thanks to Choo-seok holidays, I could take 8 days off. what is called, last week was golden holidays to me. I went to my hometown, Gunwi county to see my parents and to prepare a worship for my ancestors from Daegu city. so did my first elder brother's family from Seoul, my younger brother's family from Gyeung-joo city and my second elder brother from Ma-san city.
Thanks to this holidays, my families had a good and long time all together in my parents house in Gun-wi county, my brothers' birthplace and hometown. on Choo-seok day, we worshiped our ancestors and prayed for good fortunes and help. most of all, in the middle of Choo-seok holiday, my first elder brother's second daughter's one-year party was held at korean restaurant in Gunwi county. we, all families celebrate the first birthday of her life. It was meaningful time to think of importance of MY family.
In Choo-seok holidays, I had many conversations with my brothers, had three time of good breakfast, lunch and dinner with my all families, we saw the full moon in the sky and talked to one another with drinking rice wine in the old private school neighboring my parents house and I spent one day on playing tennis with my friends at a tennis court in my hometown.
we, brothers visited our ancestors' tombs in the bush to cut weeds covered tombs. there are 12 tombs to manage by us. It was very hard stuff, although a weed cutting machine, portable mower was used. It take one and a half hour to get far tombs by foot on the narrow path in the bush and take 30 minutes to get near toms by foot from my parents house. To me, "the way my ancestors' tomb became a good hiking route with my father and my brothers."
All korean people do not like my family. My family still have traditional custom to worship our ancestors and pray to our ancestors for mercy and protection from evils.

To combat the evil that is paramount in the world......

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one yr party #1one yr party #1
one yr party #1

could you find me? I wore black jean and blue t shirts.
one yr party#2one yr party#2
one yr party#2

I poured a glass of beer for my younger bro's wife.
one yr party#3one yr party#3
one yr party#3

my bro's wife and my one yr niece.
a last shot !a last shot !
a last shot !

My bro's parents in law and his first daughter.
My first elder bro#2My first elder bro#2
My first elder bro#2

He i s in the vally stream
one yr partyone yr party
one yr party

My bro's wife and my one yr niece in restaurant.
It's spider webIt's spider web
It's spider web

It is spider web on my father's house fence.

I read this book during choo-seok holidays.

It'me in the old my ancestors' private school. I spent my summer vacation on reading books in this school.
My first broMy first bro
My first bro

my first bro in the school.

28th September 2010
one yr niece #2

May you be a good adult....Life is not always good.

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