Here is Mt. Palgong(八公山, 팔공산)

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November 12th 2007
Published: November 12th 2007
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 A narrow path A narrow path A narrow path

this path for the small temple(眞佛庵). I walked this path.
I trekked Mt. Palgong where surround with northern Dae-gu, on last weekend.
There are many buddhism temples and statues in Mt. Palgong like Namsan(hill) in Gyeung-ju. but Mt. Palgong is much higher than Namsan in Gyeung-ju. the height is 1,192meters. Many Dae-gu people like trekking Mt.Palgong during four seasons.
so, there are many routes to trek Mt. Palgong for every direction. many people trek on southern, eastern and western route that are well-made by forest rangers.
but I trekked on northern route that are reforming by forest rangers. some people trekked on this route. I felt tranquility all my trekking without human noise and concentrated on natural sounds - bird's sing, the sound of wind, the sound of water flow and the sound of my footsteps - .
I stopped by a small buddhism temple on my way. this temple is very cute and have a good natural scenery. I saw some monks to prepare winter season studying.
monks have to study Buddhism scriptures and Zen during winter season.
On the peak, I could watch landscapes of all direction. the air was very cold. I felt chilly. but I prepared a bottle which can keep warm water. I
the small templethe small templethe small temple

this is a small temple which I stopped by on my way.
ate a portable noodle with hot water, hot coffee. It was very good. the hot soup of noodle make me warm on the peak. after break time on the peak, I came down the mountain. It was four hours trekking on northern route of Mt. Palgong.

P.S. I recommend many foreigners in Dae-gu this trekking.

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 A monk's tomb A monk's tomb
A monk's tomb

I saw this tomb on my way to the small temple. this is a korean zen master, Baek-am-dang(白巖堂)'s tomb.
A stone towerA stone tower
A stone tower

the stone tower for catch a dream. one stone, one dream. there are many people's dream.
the antenna!the antenna!
the antenna!

on the peak, there are many antennae for broadcasting. the civilian can't get in. this area is a real peak of Mt. Palgong.
the landscapethe landscape
the landscape

the landscape from the peak.
The birdThe bird
The bird

I saw this bird on my way to the peak.
the bridge #1the bridge #1
the bridge #1

I acrossed this bridge on my way to the small temple.
the bridge #2the bridge #2
the bridge #2

this bridge is made of wood. I acrossed this bridge when I went down.
A buddha's statue.A buddha's statue.
A buddha's statue.

this buddha's statue is near the peak.
My route #1My route #1
My route #1

the red line is my route.
My route #2My route #2
My route #2

this is my route.

10th June 2010

Where is the Buddha in the cave ( a relief carving in stone)? Great photos!
8th September 2011

Thankyou for the charming discription of your trecking route!
When I red your story of the beautiful mountain, it made me feel very peacful and relaxed in the middle of my working day. I whant to see Palgong Mt. some day!

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