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October 29th 2006
Published: October 29th 2006
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My ApartmentMy ApartmentMy Apartment

The living room/bedroom
My blogs are too infrequent to have a central theme, so here's a plethora of pictures of the past month or so. I know some of you back home wanted to see more pictures of exactly where I live, so I sort of cleaned the place up and shot a few. The rest just show the riot of buildings that touch the skies all around my apartment, which is only four floors high. Most of the apartments (there are no houses) are ten times taller than my place. I went upstairs to check if there was access to the roof, and I was in luck. Usually it's locked, but not today. The luscious green tree in one of the pics is my "backyard." Sadly, this is the first time I've ever seen it!

As I strolled around the neighborhood, I realized how commonplace my surroundings have become. So, I rewound back to first moments I had encountered this strange land and started shooting things I thought ya all might find interesting. The pack of ladies you see huddled together on the concrete are the welcome committee. Everyday on the way to and from work, whether I'm on their side of
My ApartmentMy ApartmentMy Apartment

The office
the street or not, they shout a hearty "HEELLOO!" One of them even knows Spanish as I discovered when she said "Hola!" instead of Hello one day! Very talented that one. 😊

The couple who owns the school I work at had a baby back in September, so Tara and I threw her a baby shower. Back home I could've gone to Wal Mart and got a bunch of stuff dirt cheap, but there I was at Home Plus, where bottles were $10 a pop. All the baby stuff was extremely expensive. Lesson learned: Don't have kids, but especially not in Korea. I was in charge of games. So, of course, I made everybody eat the only baby food they sold (peas or some other mix of veggies) and drink these really sweet drinks that were in what looked like bottles to me. It was a hillarious race, and everybody actually did it, which surprised the heck out of me.

My birthday was on October 23rd. Yes, now I am officially a quarter of a century old. Oh joy! My mothers that I teach in the mornings bought me a cake from Paris Bauguette. So, I took it
My ApartmentMy ApartmentMy Apartment

What is this used for?
home in the middle of the afternoon, lit the candles, made a wish, and enjoyed my first piece of white cake with fruit on it. I've never lit my own candles and eaten a cake by was pretty funny. But, hey, whatever, right.
The weekend before, all the teachers took me out to dinner and we went downtown for some drinks. WELL, actually, I had more then some. As usual, I made an ass of myself on my birthday, and apparantly this year, I got up on the stage where the band was playing and refused to get off (several witnesses reminded me of the scene last night). When they tried to pull me off, I started yelling "It's my fucking stage....ahhhh!" Yes, I am officially crazy. Well, luckily, Robb was able to rip me off my throne and take me home. Hallelujah! The tail was painfully recounted to me the next day, to my horrification. Happy Birthday, Briana!

Oh ya, and the tower picture is of the Seoul tower in the capitol. Beautiful isn't it?? My friend, Natalya has a kick ass apartment there, and I took the picture from one of her many balconies.Next time I'll
My ApartmentMy ApartmentMy Apartment

Oh, how I miss a bathtub!
take more pictures of Seoul. Until next time!!

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My NeighborhoodMy Neighborhood
My Neighborhood

From my rooftop...I'm surrounded by towering apartments
My "Backyard"My "Backyard"
My "Backyard"

Now that I can get to the roof, I know what my backyard looks like
Some Neighborhood KidsSome Neighborhood Kids
Some Neighborhood Kids

The little guy always tries to takewando chop me when I walk by.
The Welcome CommitteeThe Welcome Committee
The Welcome Committee

Fabulous bunch of ladies they are. I can always count on their daily "Hello, Nice to meet you!" on the way to and from school
Street VendorsStreet Vendors
Street Vendors

It's common to buy seasonal fruits and veggies from the street vendors.
Miniature Arcade GamesMiniature Arcade Games
Miniature Arcade Games

Nothing like starting the youngins early! Whoever marketed this is a genius.
Miniature Arcade GamesMiniature Arcade Games
Miniature Arcade Games

Obviously this marketing strategy is quite successful with the Korean kids.
Baby Shower GamesBaby Shower Games
Baby Shower Games

Faster Dale!
Baby Shower GamesBaby Shower Games
Baby Shower Games

That's right, Todd, eat up that nasty baby food! Ha ha ha!
Baby Shower GamesBaby Shower Games
Baby Shower Games

And Robb wins it ALL!!!!Yeah Rob!
In SeoulIn Seoul
In Seoul

Tara finally lets me do her hair and make up!! Welcome to Briana's salon.

29th October 2006

Love the photos Bri!

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