The Tiger Game and the Shark that Ate Juliet

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July 17th 2009
Published: August 14th 2009
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This entry is pretty much for the pictures that Lisa took during some of our first grade (US 7th grade) classes at the end of the semester, during my school's summer English camp, and during some other random occasions.

The pictures of students wearing uniforms are from classes during the normal semester. After we were finished with the final exams and the textbook we had time to play some review games and some games that have nothing to do with the book at all! (yahoo!) 😊 The game with the grid on the board was a real sweet game that we called the tiger game. It was a review game where the kids were on four teams. One team was an explorer that wanted to first get to the jeep and the escape by driving it off of the game board. The other three teams were ferocious tigers that wanted to eat the explorer before it could escape. The other game where there are four words on the tv screen was called odd one out. During this game the kids had to choose which word/picture was different from the others and why. The kids were so creative with this game. I was actually quite shocked by the variety and quantity of their answers.

The pictures where the students are not wearing uniforms is from my school's summer English camp. For this, the kids came to school from 9-12 for three days. We did several projects with them the best two being writing cooking recipes/cooking and writing/acting out a new ending to Romeo and Juliet. The kids got so excited to cook. I'm not going to lie, I was really nervous about the idea of supervising a bunch of kids that I was pretty sure had never touched a stove before, but they made some really delicious food. I also enjoyed the fact that once they finished cooking they were practically shoving the food into my mouth because they wanted me to try.

I was once again surprised by the creativity of the students when they wrote their new ending for the love story. One involved them running off in a boat only to fall over board and be eaten by sharks and whales. In another story Romeo is the only one to die. He stabs himself because Juliet has agreed to marry Paris. Another group decided that they should run away on a horse and live happily ever after. The fourth group's plot is written under their picture. 😉 We also taught the kids an English song (shalala lala by the Vengaboys). They really enjoyed it. Part of the process was that I would sing a line and then the students would sing it back to me. Ahh! Their voices were beautiful. Norebang (literally: singing room) (karaoke) is very popular in Korea. Therefore, generally speaking, I would have to say that the kids sing very well. I wish I was teaching vocal music here. 😉

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English CampEnglish Camp
English Camp

Writing their own ending to Romeo and Juliet. It turns out that Juliet runs away from her family, falls in love with a man named Nick, Romeo sees Juliet and Nick together, kills Juliet, and then Nick and Romeo fight to the death, in the end all three of them are dead.

14th August 2009

Ok.. I absolutly love your skirt. And your kids are adorable. I want one.

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