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Asia » South Korea » Daegu October 5th 2017

Well on the way to another adventure, but theory of "When Angels Travel" has gone up in smoke!! Left Melbourne on Thursday 5th to fly to Seoul via Hong Kong with Cathay, arrived Hong Kong late and misconnected our flight to Seoul....Cathay were absolutely pathetic handling this fact we could have made our flight as we had about 1/2hr...but they refused....I bet they were overbooked!!! Then an 8 hr wait at Hong Kong for another flight at 3.30a.m. with Asiana, had never heard of this airline, but they turned out to be very good, tried to get a little sleep on the flight but it was only 3 1/2hrs so just a catnap...arrived into Seoul 5.00a.m...had to get taxi as no one could meet us...arrived at Stanford Hotel...lovely hotel but only enough time to shower ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Daegu » Dong-gu July 25th 2015

From Gyeongju, it was another short bus ride (1h) westwards to South Korea's fourth (or third, depending on who you ask) city Daegu. Not especially renowned even within Korea for any particular must-see tourist attractions, Daegu does boast some economic and historical significance, with its Yangnyeongsi district being the centre of traditional Korean medicine since hundreds of years ago. Daegu was also close to the last military stronghold frontier of the American-supported Southern forces during the first phase of the Korean War, when they were beaten back and close to relinquishing almost the entire territory. And Daegu was also the birthplace of Korea's most famous family conglomerate (chaebol) Samsung (which started out as a tiny trading business), as well as its most fondly-remembered (and simultaneously infamous) military dictator Park Chung Hee. On the KTX railway route ... read more
Gyesan Cathedral
Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Museum
Daegu Modern History Museum

Asia » South Korea » Daegu July 3rd 2015

Day 20 Yesterday I went to the Haeinsa Temple. It's about 68 kilometers from Daegu and it took about 1 hour by bus. Haeinsa is a Buddhist temple built in 802 by two monks Suneung and Ijung. Along with the Tripitaka Koreana and Janggyeongpanjeon, 15 more public treasures and some 200 private treasures are enshrined at Haeinsa Temple. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995 and Haeinsa is one of the Three Jewel Temples of Korea. After visiting the temple area I decided to take the Haeinsa Sorigil trail. I could have waited the bus but I thought that it would be nice to see the trail. I have to say that it wasn't the best idea because it wasn't as short as I thought it would be. Luckily I had sneakers, ... read more
Haeinsa Sorigil trail
Yangdong village
Haeinsa Sorigil trail

Asia » South Korea » Daegu July 1st 2015

Day 18 Yesterday I flew from Jeju back to Busan and from there I continued my trip by bus to Daegu. After arriving to Daegu I went straight to my hotel. In Daegu I decided to stay in a hotel because it cost almost the same as it would have if I went to a hostel and took a single room. The hotel where I'm staying is Apsan Business Hotel and it's located near Hyeonchungno subway station. The room is quite nice and it's spacious, only bad thing was that it smelled a bit of cigarettes and because of that I'm keeping a window open. Next I went to find a restaurant. I went to a restaurant called Haeng Eun Samgyeopsal and of course I took samgyeopsal. It was again delicious! It was raining the whole ... read more
Dongseongro Street
Bus to Daegu

Asia » South Korea » Daegu » Palgongsan June 6th 2013

6th June: A gift from the Gods. A four day weekend. But due to prior commitments, I was unable to leave Korea, as I had to be in back in Seoul for the Saturday morning. So where should I go? Not really enough time to go to Busan, so I settled on Daegu, Korea's third largest city. However there didn't seem like there would be a great deal to do there. I was on the slow train again to save money. I left Suwon around 7:45 and got in to Dong Daegu station around 11:15. After getting myself sorted I headed into the tourist information office to ask about buses to Palgongsan Provincial Park. My original idea was to hike there today, and spend the next day in the city. The woman in the office asked ... read more
Near the Small Temple
Near the Small Temple

Asia » South Korea » Daegu » Suseong-gu April 28th 2013

I will take an official trip to Japan from May 14th,2013 to May 23th, 2013. To my luck, I will catch this opportunity to understand the Japanese culture,to travel Tokyo and Osaka and to visit three elementary schools in Tokyo city and Saitama, near Tokyo city. A month ago, I applied to this request program for Korean teachers by the department of foreign affairs of Japan government. I was chosen as the member of this official trip delegation to Japan. This is my official schedul during my official visit to Japan. this schedule is arranged by the department of foreign affairs, Japan. the cost of this official visit to Japan is sponsored by the official funds of foreign affairs, Japan. Hahaha~~~ :) :) :) 日本外務省(公益財團法人日韓文化交流基金)招請日本短期硏修 5月 14日 : 金海空港(KOR) 出發(10:55)->成田空港(JPN)到着(12:55) flight NO. O... read more

Asia » South Korea » Daegu April 6th 2013

I wrote this over a month ago, before leaving Daegu, but I didn't have a chance to post it. My two-year stint in Daegu is approaching its end—just one more week until I fly from Incheon Airport to Kuala Lumpur, and then on to New Delhi. Because I haven't taught real classes since December 20 or so, school life has been super-boring. It has gone really slowly. But the rest of my life has just flown by the last couple of months. Between trying to hang out with friends a lot before they and I leave, small trips around Korea, and planning for India/packing up my life, I've been busy. I've said goodbye to most of my best friends in Korea already because they're on vacation and won't return to Korea until after I leave. Because ... read more
On Temple Near Gatbawi
Near Gatbawi
Gatbawi and Worshippers

Asia » South Korea » Daegu February 21st 2013

Having spent two years in this architecturally-ugly/mountain-pretty city, I thought I'd share some lists I made for people newly arrived to Daegu. Regular readers can just skip ahead to the next entry. Most pics are from other blogs--I just wanted to advertise the places a bit ~~ My Favorite Places in Korea: -Ulleungdo (Ulleung Island)--really steep hills, awesome rocks, and beautiful views and water colors -Tongyeong and Bijindo (Bijin Island)--Tongyeong itself is kind of a port city, but it has a replica Turtle Ship, cool mural-covered neighborhood up a hill, outdoor art museum, and lots of ferries to nearby islands like Bijindo, where you can camp on the beach (semi-illegally) -Upo Wetland—nice day-trip to nature; good place for bike riding or a stroll -Waterfalls near Bogyeongsa (Bogyeong Temple)--easily the best small waterfalls on mainland Korea that ... read more
Ullengdo Near Taeha Lighthouse
Ulleungdo Near Taeha
Murals in Tongyeong

Asia » South Korea » Daegu November 4th 2012

I thought I’d fill you in on Korean heterosexual relationships. As you might expect, couple relationships in Korea tend to be different from those at home. Sometimes, these things are quite obvious. For example, often, couples in Korea hang out in public in “couple outfits”—matching clothing, which can range from only similar shoes or shirts to both wearing identical outfits. (However, there’s a saying that if a guy buys a girl shoes, she can use them to run away from him (dump him), so shoes might not be the best idea.) Public displays of affection are, however, way less common here. It’s not appropriate to kiss in public, although hand-holding is common. Young couples don’t have much privacy though. Most people live with their parents until they’re married, even during college and after they have a ... read more
Before the Walk Down the Aisle
During the Ceremony
Guy Serenading the Couple

Asia » South Korea » Daegu » Jung-gu October 24th 2012

Day 39 (Mon 15thOct) Today I had planned on going to a national park north east of Daegu for a bit of a hike and to see a few temples around there but due to waking up with an incredibly sore abdomen which is down to the sunmudo martial arts I was doing at the temple stay I’m in way too much discomfort for that. I was just pottering around the hostel when the girl (Sookie) who works here asked if I fancied going with her to watch the national volleyball finals week. It seems Daegu is hosting the national sports festival this week so there’s a lot of sport going on. As I had no other plans it made sense to go plus it’s a new sport that I’d not seen before. We got the ... read more
Buinsa Temple
Hahoe Folk Village
Hahoe Folk Village

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