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Asia » South Korea » Daegu October 5th 2017

Well on the way to another adventure, but theory of "When Angels Travel" has gone up in smoke!! Left Melbourne on Thursday 5th to fly to Seoul via Hong Kong with Cathay, arrived Hong Kong late and misconnected our flight to Seoul....Cathay were absolutely pathetic handling this fact we could have made our flight as we had about 1/2hr...but they refused....I bet they were overbooked!!! Then an 8 hr wait at Hong Kong for another flight at 3.30a.m. with Asiana, had never heard of this airline, but they turned out to be very good, tried to get a little sleep on the flight but it was only 3 1/2hrs so just a catnap...arrived into Seoul 5.00a.m...had to get taxi as no one could meet us...arrived at Stanford Hotel...lovely hotel but only enough time to shower ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Daegu » Dong-gu July 25th 2015

From Gyeongju, it was another short bus ride (1h) westwards to South Korea's fourth (or third, depending on who you ask) city Daegu. Not especially renowned even within Korea for any particular must-see tourist attractions, Daegu does boast some economic and historical significance, with its Yangnyeongsi district being the centre of traditional Korean medicine since hundreds of years ago. Daegu was also close to the last military stronghold frontier of the American-supported Southern forces during the first phase of the Korean War, when they were beaten back and close to relinquishing almost the entire territory. And Daegu was also the birthplace of Korea's most famous family conglomerate (chaebol) Samsung (which started out as a tiny trading business), as well as its most fondly-remembered (and simultaneously infamous) military dictator Park Chung Hee. On the KTX railway route ... read more
Gyesan Cathedral
Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Museum
Daegu Modern History Museum

Asia » South Korea » Daegu July 3rd 2015

Day 20 Yesterday I went to the Haeinsa Temple. It's about 68 kilometers from Daegu and it took about 1 hour by bus. Haeinsa is a Buddhist temple built in 802 by two monks Suneung and Ijung. Along with the Tripitaka Koreana and Janggyeongpanjeon, 15 more public treasures and some 200 private treasures are enshrined at Haeinsa Temple. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995 and Haeinsa is one of the Three Jewel Temples of Korea. After visiting the temple area I decided to take the Haeinsa Sorigil trail. I could have waited the bus but I thought that it would be nice to see the trail. I have to say that it wasn't the best idea because it wasn't as short as I thought it would be. Luckily I had sneakers, ... read more
Haeinsa Sorigil trail
Yangdong village
Haeinsa Sorigil trail

Asia » South Korea » Daegu July 1st 2015

Day 18 Yesterday I flew from Jeju back to Busan and from there I continued my trip by bus to Daegu. After arriving to Daegu I went straight to my hotel. In Daegu I decided to stay in a hotel because it cost almost the same as it would have if I went to a hostel and took a single room. The hotel where I'm staying is Apsan Business Hotel and it's located near Hyeonchungno subway station. The room is quite nice and it's spacious, only bad thing was that it smelled a bit of cigarettes and because of that I'm keeping a window open. Next I went to find a restaurant. I went to a restaurant called Haeng Eun Samgyeopsal and of course I took samgyeopsal. It was again delicious! It was raining the whole ... read more
Dongseongro Street
Bus to Daegu

Asia » South Korea » Daegu June 25th 2015

I wrote this in May and never published it, but now I’m in an airport and have time. Here you go: I would like to interrupt the Laura Kincaide’s Life is Amazing and Exciting Fest to bring you a revelation something I never thought I would ever say ever. Like seriously, ever. Prepare your hearts and minds. I love the United States of American and am grateful to be a US citizen. Ok, I’m glad that’s over. Now let me qualify that statement. There are still tons of things I don’t like about the US, and most of the time when it comes up in world politics or I see an American tourist acting stupid I die a little bit inside. However, living abroad has shown me that a lot of the things that piss me ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Daegu March 22nd 2015

I forgot to mention something important in my last post. In the US both parties involved in a romantic relationship are supposed to give their partners gifts on Valentine’s day (although I think it is still pretty widely accepted that women get the better end of the deal with chocolates and flowers). In Korea, one day wasn’t enough and they had to split it up into two days with even more strictly defined gender roles. There is one day where girls give gifts to their boyfriends and another day for boys to give gifts to their girlfriends. My lovely roommate gave me a rose on White Day and it is still alive and keeping our windowsill looking nice. Maybe when it dies I will buy a cactus from the garden store in the student union. Not ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Daegu March 8th 2015

С восьмым марта! Just a quick post today because I haven’t finished my homework for tomorrow because I’m a bad student. I can’t believe that I’ve been in Korea for over a week now. I am still having a great time. This week I went to a zoo where they had lions, tigers, bears, and a raccoon. I guess they don’t have raccoons here, but it was still strange to see one in a zoo. I also sang more karaoke, tried some beer (I don’t like it), and went to a club, which was nice because I was with awesome people, but confirmed the fact that I don’t like nightclubs. We have a curfew of 1am-5am, which to me means that we need to be home by 12:30am, and to other students that we need to ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Daegu March 2nd 2015

I just finished my first day of classes in Korea! Today I only had two classes and they were both in the morning, so it went by pretty quickly. I woke up early to find the buildings (which I meant to do yesterday but didn’t because I ended up staying out late eating awesome food and looking at innumerable cute socks, more on that later). Some questions from my morning walk of KNU in the morning: -Why do so many people wake up early to play tennis? -How is it that this campus has no litter, but it is impossible to find a trash can? -Why are Korean pigeons so large and scary looking? I’ll try to get a photo later, but just trust me for now. -Why don’t any of the shops open until 9:00? ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Daegu February 28th 2015

Hello friends! I have finally finished the transit phase my study abroad experience and am now getting settled and oriented at Kyungpook National University in Daegu, South Korea. I have been on campus for over 48 hours now and am feeling right at home. I am definitely on the high point of the study abroad culture shock curve where everything is awesome and adorable and I’m enjoying the excitement while it lasts. I love being an international student! Usually I have to work so hard to break into the international community, but now I am automatically in and I’ve already met a ton of cool people from around the world. KNU does an absolutely amazing job of caring for its international community, and the KNU buddy program puts OU Cousins to shame. My buddy picked me ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Daegu » Palgongsan June 6th 2013

6th June: A gift from the Gods. A four day weekend. But due to prior commitments, I was unable to leave Korea, as I had to be in back in Seoul for the Saturday morning. So where should I go? Not really enough time to go to Busan, so I settled on Daegu, Korea's third largest city. However there didn't seem like there would be a great deal to do there. I was on the slow train again to save money. I left Suwon around 7:45 and got in to Dong Daegu station around 11:15. After getting myself sorted I headed into the tourist information office to ask about buses to Palgongsan Provincial Park. My original idea was to hike there today, and spend the next day in the city. The woman in the office asked ... read more
Near the Small Temple
Near the Small Temple

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