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December 18th 2009
Published: May 11th 2010
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Well, if there was one thing I never thought I would experience or rather see in my life its an airport like land border post. The Malaysians and Singaporeans sure have spared no cost to make their border quite amazing and super efficient, I have to say. After a couple of hours on our very comfy bus we were ushered off, with all our luggage, and into a very impressive customs hall. Naturally the t... Read Full Entry

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26th August 2010

Hey Jools, Your blog brings back so many memories of my trip to Singapore. Must say though, I did it with the "sling" and quite a few of them I must add!!! I was there for 8 days but and had a blast seeing pretty much everything you saw. I enjoyed the sights and sounds and strangely enogh found the rigidity and the way people obey all the laws quite enjoyable. I think the only complaints I have are the jetlag suffered what with coming from SA and those damn noisy americans who were staying down the hall from us. Sentosa for me was pretty cool, I found it a little commercial but stuck it out for a good few hours hearing what an awesome "lazer light water fountain" display they have. I must agree, it was worth the wait and the trip back on the suspended cable car from the island was pretty darn spectacular as well. I can't explain it but for me Singapore was always so much more enchanting by night, it was more "dazzling" and the city just seemed to come to life after sunset. We hopped on one of their "chinese junks" and cruised the city one evening, perhaps one of the most romantic things I have ever experienced. As for the Zoo, I think you pretty much said it all....What an experience!!! The transport system too is out of this world, when i first went to London, i was blown away by the underground but i have to say, it is no comparrison to Singapores brilliant subway. I must say though i got into quite a bit of trouble with the wife, you see it was her birthday and i had basically taken her there for a shopping spree and i will never forget the one day while shopping, i made her walk about 15kms from shop to shop looking for the best deal. I kept on promising her that we would get on the train at the next station but as we were walking, i would see another shop and then another and then another. By the time i finally relented with my stubborness and gave in to her demands, we looked up and what did we see....the entrance to our hotel...boy was i in the dog box! Not for long though, you see it was the actual day of her birthday and i had surprised her with a private rooftop dinner and some sneaky sneaky gifts that i had bought on the sly while out that day. I must say as well, i did battle with the food a bit. Think i was a bit ignorant and perhaps wouldn't be so critical if i ever ventured back that side. Thx for the memories, i really enjoy your blog....

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