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February 8th 2006
Published: February 12th 2006
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Laksa, Nasi Goreng, Chow Mein, Ice Kachang...just a few things we managed to consume in the first 30 minutes after landing in Singapore. Followed by nasi padang, curry puffs, and fried fishballs on sticks in the next 15. And then for dessert ....

Most of you will know that we left Brisbane for our Singapore stopover (on route to Beijing) with a single mission in mind - to eat our way through the city! I can proudly say that we did accomplish this mission - to the fullest. At last count, we calculated that we had consumed a glorious 25 different meals in the two days we were there. We kid you not, this is no exaggeration - our flubbier tummies, and rising cholesterol levels will bear testamant to this. Every time we saw something that looked edible we stopped and ate it. Then, once we'd eaten it, we'd eat another, just for good luck!!

Kitty started preparing me for the feast ahead while we were on the plane and I swear, I was getting heart palpatations just thinking about all the food - especially all the hawker stalls. A few tips for those planning to do a lot of eating with very limited time: (see, we do try to intersperse some useful information in between our pointless ramblings)

Beware, you WILL feel oily, queazy, sick and potentially delirious... but who cares - shove another curry puff in and let tomorrow worry about tomorrow. Unfortunately this poses an incredible dilemma because when tomorrow dawns and you're faced with an even bigger smorgasboard of tasty treats and you're still feeling sick...well if you're anything like us, you plough on because when the going gets tough, the tough get eating. Well, ok, we're not that tough, we did end up paying for it which is why we left the country after two days.

We also managed to catch the tail end of the Chinese New Year festivities. We found a festival near the Esplanade were they had entertainment, kid's rides, markets and of course hawker stalls. The food here looked fantastic and was really cheap. Unfortunately it was about 9pm by the time we made it there and haven eaten solidly for the whole day ...there really wasn't room to fit in much more. We couldn't break our track record though, so we squeezed in another laksa and staggered home.

Next up...our escapades in our new home - Beijing.


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