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June 4th 2008
Published: June 18th 2008
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Flash-forward: Her almost-inaudible chuckle said, “I know you”. The lady immigration officer handed back our passports and waved us thru. We were back in Singapore.

Flashback: Some of you may well remember (we’ll never forget) the welcome we received upon entering Singapore for the first time some 33 days prior (see Singapore: 4½ ). In sum, after enduring 4½ hours in the “kind” custody of Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), we were “given the benefit of the doubt” and were allowed to enter the territory. Over the next two days we wrote letters of complaint to and sought meetings with various bigwigs in Singapore. We met with an official of the ICA and officially lodged a complaint and just before we departed, en route to Chennai, India, we received an email from the Quality Service Manager of the ICA promising to investigate the incident.

Two weeks into the India experience, we heard from the QSM. His email stated that the ICA “…regret(ted) the unpleasant experience (and)… have reminded (their) officers to be courteous and tactful when attending to travellers”. We replied thanking him for his attention and laying the matter to rest.

Joon-Kait, the self-proclaimed “Handsomest Singaporean” and Shanna’s friend, met us at a nearby eatery where we had a great dinner and then a helping of durian - a fruit and delicacy that packs a mighty pungent odor. Afterwards, we strolled thru classy Raffles Mall and on to the waterside where stylish durian-shaped domes housed The Esplanade Theatres and a lion-headed mermaid, the famous ‘Merlion’, spouted water from its mouth. Over the next two days we sampled a wide array of fine cuisine and did the bout of sightseeing we didn’t have the heart to do the first time ‘round.

When we bid ‘adieu’ to Singapore, it was drama-free and aboard a VIP bus bound for Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. 😊

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😊 Joon-Kait and friends

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18th June 2008

Singapore: Take Two
You actually went back in their territory? Nice to see you two still traveling and having fun. Take care.
18th June 2008

take two
Glad to hear from you again. Hope you have a wonderfull time and lots of fun, with no more singapore unpleasant experience.
18th June 2008

Courageous Duo
I must say the two of you are so courageous! Going back there?? I wouldn't dream of it!!
19th June 2008

heyyyy shan en vibert!
i looked your blog up! good luck in hongkong.. and duuuuude, ik mis durian! vonden jullie het lekker? its my favorite! hahahaha take care sweetys, eshly
20th June 2008

Ohhh, i like durian, delicious! Take care, dear friends! Hope you'll have every smooth journey :-)
20th June 2008

where are you?
Shaan, laat even weten waar juliie nu zijn. O wee!!!!!
22nd June 2008

Singapore June 1st - June 4th
Shanna! Good thing you guys survived SG again! I was in Singapore from June 1st to June 4th! Don't tell me we were in the same place at the same time without knowing and meeting....
23rd June 2008

Let go of drama and enjoy!
I am sure you will look back on the overall tremendous experience of the past year! Where are you now? Keep me updated! Ria
24th June 2008

Hee shanna en vibert, Hoe gaat het met jullie? Jammer dat we elkaar in nederland niet gezien hebben. Volgende keer beter. Ik zal jullie volgen op de site met de prachtige foto's. zo hoef ik zelf nooit (was het eigenlijk ook nooit van plan) daarnaar toe te gaan. hi,hi,hi kusjes en brassas van je blanda nicht

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