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December 20th 2009
Published: December 22nd 2009
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Why, oh why did I come to Singapore? This is the question I kept asking myself as I traversed shopping mall after shopping mall (the Singaporeans could teach the world a thing or two about shopping malls I can tell you). Why was I even in shopping malls when I have no money? Well, I'll get to that.

Question one, why was I here? Essentially, I came because I was in the area and it seemed a shame to miss it. Everyone I've met on my travels has insisted I must visit Singapore before flying home (ok, so everyone I met who hailed from Singapore insisted this, same-same) and so Singapore here I am.

Question two, why the shopping malls? Firstly, it was raining, and not the sort of rain that's conducive to ambling round botanic gardens (my initial plan for whiling away the hours cost free) either. I ventured outside for a spot of exploration, only to be met by streets and streets filled with shopping malls. Soaked to the skin (I had an umbrella, it kept my head and shoulders dry but little else, useless thing) I paused to view the famous Raffles hotel (from the outside, no way was I venturing in to the riff raff bar and then paying $20 for a drink I don't much like anyhow), the ambiance of ye olde worlde colonial elegance lost a little something when viewed through sheet rain but I am glad I went all the same.

Alas, that was singapore for me. Once I'd purchased my bus ticket to KL and eaten a meal or two my money was gone. Being broke in Singapore when it's raining is a little limmiting. You can stay in the hotel watching rubbish films on TV, or you can window shop. I opted for the window shopping, amusing myself by looking out for the water replellent clothing all Singaporeans seemed to wear (I was the only person to venture into the rain and actually get wet - how???), I never found it though.

The food here is good,and cheap if you look in the right areas. The right area being the red light district. This was where my hotel was situated (it was a proper hotel though, letting rooms by the day rather than by the hour thankfully), although it took me a while to figure this out. There were numerous little places all with big neon welcome signs but nothing to let you know what it is you're actually welcome to. I noticed as well a lot of women standing around being very friendly and chatty to the passers by. There were a lot of single men hanging out at cafe tables. Essentially, the signs were all there, it just took me a while to assimilate them is all. That said, the area was friendly and it felt quite safe walking around at night, I'd stay there again.

Am off to KL next, my final destination before I return home. How quickly time flies!


29th December 2009

am catching up with all the latest blogs, have been so busy in the run up to xmas. have enjoyed your trip so much i actually thought could me and willy do this on a smaller scale??? am glad you enjoyed your stay in the red light area, and all the nice loose ladies.

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