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March 1st 2009
Published: March 1st 2009
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Family Trip!

The family got in on Feb 19th and we met up at the MRT station. I was only kind of embarrassed at dad's infamous yell "SPAAAA!" I wonder what the locals were thinking...Anyway, we met up and I took them to NUS for a look around. It didn't take very long before the question of the trip started making its first appearance...."Can we get some beer?" We tried to get some on campus but the Munchie Monkey didn't serve alcohol until 6:00PM. Come on Munchie Monkey, its 5 o'clock somewhere.

We made our way over to the Raffle's hotel for some classy cocktails. S$33 a pop! You would think that S$33 would get you a damn good drink right? HA. You get a drop of gin in some fruit juice, a floor full of peanut shells, and a waiter who hasn't smiled since the year of the goat. It would have been worse, but then the drinks started kicking in a little.

Then, we walk around and found a "steamboat" restaurant and got some grub and Tiga Bea! I knew we were in for a surprise when the cooks started staring out of the kitchen to admire their new western guests. We stuck out...bad. The steamboat was great though. Its basically just make your own soup. You go through a buffet and select what you want then drop it in the broth. We got Laksa and chili broths VERY SPICY! We ate until we couldn't eat anymore. We may have walked in as 4 western strangers but we walked out looking like 4 Caucasian Buddhas. The food was good but there's no doubt we all prayed to the digestion gods that night. The steamboat was a-rumblin' in the belly.

You want to go where?!

I gather that's what the doorman at the Ritz said when the family told them they wanted to go to Tanglin Halt (that's my neighborhood). I bet he'd never heard that one before. Most people probably skip the government aided housing district on their tour of Singapore but not the Bouliers! The rest of the gang was coming over to meet me for some "hawker" food at the local food court. I wanted them to experience how I get my food everyday. After we got dinner, I packed and headed over to the hotel with them. We had an early start the next day so I decided I would crash at the Ritz (nice upgrade from the usual twin mattress)


(I'll have to wait to get copies of Lauren's pictures)


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