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February 6th 2009
Published: February 9th 2009
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The Coconut Man!The Coconut Man!The Coconut Man!

He does exist!
The Coconut Man
I had heard the myths about the Coconut Man. He stayed up all night hacking at coconuts to get their juice which he sold to the nearby hawker centers (food courts). He also has a side business of selling beer to local residents after hours for a good price. He could be seen only when he chose to be seen. You didn't just go out and find the Coconut Man...he found you. With some practice you might be able to use the Coconut Man bird ancient Malaysian ritual used to summon the mysterious coconut juice king....or you might be walking back from having a few drinks Holland Village with some rowdy friends and stumble upon his humble throne. The later was the case for my first Coconut Man encounter.

The Coconut Man was busy chopping away. He had a few friends with him near the back of his small shop. He stopped by to see what was going on. He sold us some beer (the cheapest price I'd seen yet) and gave us some coconut scraps to munch on. I don't think he knew how mysterious of a reputation he had developed among us exchange students
Chinese New Year TraditionChinese New Year TraditionChinese New Year Tradition

Burn Stuff! 4th of July is way better sorry China
living near by. Anyway, we snapped a picture and headed home. The myth of the Coconut Man was true!

NUS Campus
I took these pictures on Monday and I was only on a small part of campus. I will keep my camera in my bag and try to get some pictures of some more buildings. Let's just call this proof I've actually gone to school.

Additional photos below
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Yoshaf Ishak HouseYoshaf Ishak House
Yoshaf Ishak House

Better known as the Yuhferjer? Itshat? House

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