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July 2nd 2010
Published: July 2nd 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Perhaps life is like a journey where everyone moves on forward and not backward. Perhaps life is like a story where every pages is filled with various experiences which begins, continues and comes to an end.
Perhaps life is like a song where every melody speaks of the rythm of the universe.
I have asked my self over and over again, Where am I now?
For 25 years of my stay here on earth, I wonder what things I made which have helped other people or not. I couldn't name them actually but I think I have made some things which made me close to my best version and some which made me to be at my worst sometimes. Of course, these involves major decision like schooling, family matters, love life, health, relationship, self-esteem, learning, etc.
I realized that everything that we have now, or who am i now were the effect of the past choices, decisions I made before.
if it was true, then I want to improve myself more and be more mature, more responsible, more understanding, more patient, wiser especially in terms of money and lovelife. Yes, I realized how I suck in this aspect of my life.I don''t know where to start but now, I've got to make choices for my financial matters and my lovelife. I
it just slipped my mind. And it keeps bothering me recently. So I decided to write it out to empty my mind and be stress free.
I wonder what come ahead of me for the next six month. But here's one thing, I am choosing those that will make my lovelife and financial matters better and even at their best. I know I just have to pick choices which will make that kind of woman. I want to be a woman of substance and I want to be a light and learn, live, love life passionately.

I am.


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