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May 19th 2008
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The day before I arrived in the Philippines, I found out that a pretty big typhone had passed through. Wow- talk about being lucky!

From the airport in Manila, it took 2 1/2 hours to get to the boat. The sea was angry that day! Instead of taking 1 hour to reach the island of Puerto Galera, it took 4 hours! There were 2 other passengers on the boat and they were sea sick- probably wishing that they were dead! The boat was jumping up and down crashing on the waves- crazy! Then, 15 minutes to destination, the boat's engine smokes up and dies. The captain, went down to the engine room with a big kitchen knife and pulled out, I swear to God, the most ERODED pipe ever!

We were stranded in the boat rocking uncontrollably because we were anchorless waiting for help. After 20 minutes of not knowing what was going on, I was the first to ask the captain what was happenning. He said that we were going to wait for the another boat charter that just passed to take us to shore. "It won't be long"...it took us 2 hours to get where we were. The other boat were bringing customer back to the main land and then return to get us- I calculated 4 hours. =P

Thank goodness, some other boat came along and dragged us to our destination. I was SO glad to be on land!

I was the ONLY guest at the dive shop and dived with the guide- just the 2 of us. It was great because he showed me some pretty special things. Tagging along on the boat were the owner's 2 dogs- why not? Very relaxed and laid-back!

On the last day, I walked around the town of Puerto Galera. Talk about no zoning concept! Some of streets were so narrow and quite disorganized. I ended up walkng in someone backyard because that was where the street ended!

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Camouflaged frogfishCamouflaged frogfish
Camouflaged frogfish

Tiny blue eyes at 2 o'clock and an unhappy grin at 3 o'clock. See it?

5th August 2008

I like your dive crew!! Ahaha! ;-) Your pictures are crazy my Dear. Keep going Girl!!! It is marvellous!! Bisous Fred
18th August 2008

beautiful sea urchin.. and the little girl is so cute. Lan My pouts like that too.

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