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Asia » Philippines » Panay » Kalibo January 19th 2014

It’s ten o’clock on a Sunday morning in January and the winds of Kalibo are blowing hard. “Can you take me to the town center?” I ask the tricycle driver as soon as we get out of the airport. Soon we’re zooming through the highway and snaking our way through small trucks with people clutching Sto. Niño, figures of the Infant Jesus. The town center is filled with people walking around narrow streets, filled with anticipation for a day that will later crescendo to a boisterous evening. The capital of Aklan province is celebrating the Ati-Atihan Festival. For about a week, the locals take to the streets in extravagant costumes, dancing spontaneously to the loud beat of the drums. The events climax on the third Sunday of January, starting with a slow-moving procession that goes around ... read more
Street Party
Group Picture
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Asia » Philippines » Panay » Guimaras December 3rd 2012

KM 375 So far, the trip has been better than I expected. The food has been good (how can one go wrong with all of this seafood) and accommodations are much better than I thought (I read the wrong blog on Crazy Guy on a BIke in preparing for this trip). Roads initially looked good, but the last couple of days have changed that. I can only hope it changes again for the rest of the trip. My second riding day got off to a good start for the first 55 kms. I knew I was going to have to climb today, but I didn't realize it was going to also be with bad roads. Much of the second half of the ride today was amongst construction with some roads in horrible condition. I actually nearly ... read more
Lot's of variety of rice here -- no surprise
Jackfruit for sale
This is sugar cane country

Asia » Philippines » Panay » Kalibo » Linabuan Norte February 24th 2012

who can say no to boracay... White sand, the sun and the crystal blue sea. a lot of water and extreme activities at morning and party allnight long. :D for more photos... do visit ( read more

Asia » Philippines » Panay » Kalibo January 20th 2012

Bloody hell. After running out of superlatives in the last blog, I find myself sitting here again wondering exactly how to put the past few days into words. I mean I’m having an absolutely amazing time, but it’s getting seriously hard to convey it. Having finally bid a fond farewell to paradise, I soon faced a torturous day of travel that included my first flight being delayed by an hour and which meant that upon arriving in Manila, I literally had seven minutes to make my connecting one before the gate shut. In my haste, I took a wrong turn, ended up outside and then bolted back in, paid the terminal fee again and scampered through the other passengers who were standing around sipping coffees, chatting and generally getting in my way. I did finally manage ... read more
An Atihani
And more Atihanis
And yet more Atihanis

Asia » Philippines » Panay October 10th 2011

I said i'd cut down my entry size and i tried, but i haven't! Those who complained can suck it. I have a lot to say! Feel free to read as much or little as you wish. With two Swedes, a Norwegian and a French/Nicaraguan i flew to Manila and then onto Catiklan on Panay Island (the main island in the centre of the Philippines. From there we got a ferry out to Boracay Island, a much smaller island 7km in length. The first impressions of filipinos by this point were that: 1. they are a whole world nicer and friendlier than the chinese 2. they seem a little plumper, perhaps due to diet, than the chinese 3. Filipino women come caked in make up and the men can be very camp Boracay Island was beautiful. ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Panay » Kalibo January 19th 2010

There were a million things we'd have loved to do in the Philippines, but a while back we'd decided that top of our list would be to go to the Ati-Atihan festival, said to be the wildest and most colourful of all festivals in South East Asia. We'd had to pre book our hotel in advance so were a bit limited with how we could spend our remaining few weeks. Along with Dominic we'd all decided to head towards the Panay island where Kalibo, the home of the festival is found as well as the beautiful Boracay. On the way our boat would stop at the Cuyo Islands so we thought we'd make use of this stop and stay a few days on this group of islands that there is very little information about both in ... read more
Ati-Atihan Festival Parade
Snr. Santo Nino
Ati-Atihan Festival Parade

Asia » Philippines » Panay December 8th 2008

Guimaras, a tiny island in between Panay and Negros, is absolutely loaded with beautiful beaches and opportunities for exploring areas little-visited by other tourists. One such location is the beach of Tatlong Pulo, a tiny, pristine, stretch of white sand in front of the village of the same name that is almost entirely sheltered from the sea by several rock islands. Near to the beach there's a hell of a lot of undisturbed coral so swimming there is only really feasible at high tide, but locals are happy to lend you a fishing boat to get out to one of the rock islands where the water is much deeper. The only accommodation option is a treehouse which costs 150 pesos per night no matter how many people. Food and drink are prepared for you and are ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Panay December 5th 2008

After our introduction to the Ati people, the sellers in the Barter of Panay, we decided to trek through an area inhabited by the Bukidnon people, the alleged buyers. From the town of Maasim we took motorbikes to a small village on the edge of the mountains where the dirt track ended, degenerating into a path of sorts. We took our lunch surrounded by a crowd of onlookers before continuing on foot. After a three-hour walk we arrived at Trangka, a village of bamboo houses with corrugated iron rooves set on a hilltop with a spectacular view out over the foothills and lowlands stretching all the way to the sea. Staring out there I even fancied I could make out the dark outline of the island of Negros against the horizon. In one of the only ... read more
Rice terraces near Uminggan
Water buffalo plough
Makeshift band with lizard-skin guitar, Inaman

Asia » Philippines » Panay November 24th 2008

"The Negritos in Panay are called Ati and have lived here for around 25,000 years," Daisy tells us, "and there are lots of theories as to where they originated from but one of the latest is that they came in a wave of migration from Ethiopia that originated around 60,000 years ago." She pauses and takes a breathe of air before plunging back into her monologue. "Another theory is that they are descended from African pygmies because they look so similar - short, black, frizzly hair, you know. Yet another theory says that they are descendants of New Guineans or Australian Aborigines. "Over the years, new, ethnically different settlers arrived from China, Taiwan, South East Asia, that sort of area, until they formed the majority of the population, the South-East-Asian-looking Filipinos that you see all around ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Panay November 3rd 2008

Most of us have had someone close to us die. It leaves an empty space somewhere inside us that can never be refilled and the eternal longing that that person, who was once always there in the same way as the sun, the moon and the stars are always there, was still with us. How we behave after someone's death depends on our character, our relationship with the deceased, what is happening in our life, but also on our culture and the part of the world we live in. In Western cultures it is common to visit the grave occasionally, perhaps on the anniversary of the dead person's birthday, or maybe of their death. The tradition is for anyone who does this to show their respect by standing at the grave with a long face and ... read more

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