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August 13th 2007
Published: August 13th 2007
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It was summer when we decided to get wet and hop to the nearest island in Jasaan. It is an off the beaten tourist destination. It still has to gain popularity with the beach combers and sun worhippers. The island is an alternative destination with the least cost and less travel time compared to boracay or bohol.

The White Island is known also as The Agutayan Fish Sanctuary. It is located about 5 kilometers from the municipality of Jasaan. The white island facing Macajalar Bay is about 5,000 square meters with pure white sand. The island is ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming.

Why go far, when you can go near?

For more information

Office of Tourism
Jasaan, Misamis Oriental
Tel Nos. (08822) 760099; 760076

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29th March 2008

you're right!
agutayan is really such a wonderful place. where divers loves the corals of the place, it is also the best place to meditate.. na miss ko tuloy ang hometown ko...
11th April 2008

thanks for dropping by!
hi! thanks for the comment :-) agutayan island lacks promotion and only a few knows that there is such a place. even kagay-anons dont know about it. so where are you now?
10th May 2008

Jasaan the best place to live in...
hello guys im so amazed when I read this site..thanks for promoting our place its true one of the best place in Misamis Oriental..small town a blessed one where u can see lots of waterfall, a progressive town, educated people and also a religious community.Im proud i see Jasaan here in Abu Dhabi...we miss Jasaan =) here... Regards to all Jasaanon' =) especially to all the native of jasaan's Valdeo and Gajardo clans .. From: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
9th August 2008

helo guyz..u kwow jasaan s the best,,try to visit jasaan,,uv seen lots of beatiful views there im proud of being jasaanon,,,jasaanon dami religios people that uv meet
24th September 2008

ok lang if hindi masyadong na popromote ang agutayan island namin para iwas polution na rin... we dont only have agutayan island, we have natural water spring pool, we have sagpulon waterfalls, we have oldest houses way back early 40s and im proud i love one of that houses. our house was built in 1942. world war pero that time sabi nila cozi wasnt born yet at that time... parang skeleton pa daw. ngayon im proud when people pass by our house and they would comment na baka haunted house daw, kasi nga, built in 1942 pa. try to visit our place...
4th October 2008

explore and enjoy the real paradise!! char lang..
yaf!! agutayan is a plce were u can relax..infact i've been there two times .. in my life.., just try to visit the place.
18th October 2008

beautiful isle
hi helo am so proud to jasaanon, the Agutayan isle's a is very beautiful.
12th November 2008

How to go to Agutayan Island
Hi! We need help! We're planning to go to the Island this coming Saturday. Can you help us on how to get there? We're from CDO. You're help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
12th November 2008

tsada gyud!!!
i've been there at agutayan.t'was a real island beach experienced with nice people who will assist in its gateway based at liyang beach, jampason, jasaan...i just love this place....i wanna go back there with another someone else.....
14th January 2009

stop coral extraction
we're planning to make a campaign about stop coral extraction in jampason jasaan. our implementation date would be on the last week of january or 1st week of feb... can we can we like tap your orgnaization for this project...? we're actually planning to conduct seminars and workshops and we need reliable speakers for it, so maybe we could ask for your help. thank you very much...
24th May 2009

sorry for the late reply.
hi camille. sorry for the late reply. i rarely open this site because of work. anyway, you can email me at I am interested to have a cause in the environment.
27th July 2009

help!!! can we easily get to agutayan island???we're from cdo...
27th July 2009

is it true that no one is allowed to go overnight at agutayan island???
28th July 2009

hello, maraming salamat sa information na ito, and the stunning pictures. Cagayan de Oro is not noted for GREAT BEACHES, glad there is one close by. DEFINITELY WILL COME OVER AND CHECK IT OUT. roderick {silicon valley, northern California, usa}
8th August 2009

chadah oi!!!
21st October 2009

I was there before our very own..tourist spot ....very proud to share to some of my friends to visit Agutayan Island....a really such a very nice one can compare...Help to save and protect our...Fish Sanctuary...corals and everything we have there,,,and be proud to our very own some of our water falls.....Help and keep protect our forest.. be a green Jasaanon........
27th November 2009

its great!
i really missed my hometown.... i lived in nearby barangay(san antonio). i went home there last year but i was not able to visit agutayan..... i really love the place.... tnx for the info and the comments u have shared to the public! i will be there soon.... tnx again and god bless!
27th January 2010

keep itup.
Hi guys, Its my first time to browse this page.I like it very much at least you can help promot tourism in our beloved hometown.Keep it up. Jun
17th September 2010

jasaan...the tourist spot capital of misor
you"ll never find any islands here in misor which shape is just like a foot-step....its amazing....that's agutayan island is formed alike.
18th September 2010

i totally agree:-)
6th November 2010

I have not been to this part yet! Oh I hope I can visit this part in Cagayan de Oro.
6th May 2011

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. so try to visit agutayan island located in jasaan
13th May 2011

it was my first time to visit AGUTAYAN ISLAND , how nice palah 1! !!! try to visit jasaan guyzzzz you can see a lot of waterfalls,,... you will really amaze because this is the place that you can relax,.. ..

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