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May 31st 2007
Published: May 31st 2007
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Last hurrah before La Niña strikes... and this was not even on my list of "to see places"! It just so happens that my company needs to give their employees a much needed rest! My money and vacation leaves have all but been saved for my trips on the coming months... and visiting Laiya wasn't really on the budget... Good thing is, the overnight stay has all but been paid off...

So here we are at the Palm Beach Resort, enjoying the sun and the lack of it! Apparently, the non-stop puoring rain who has been seizing Manila like a storm (excuse the pun), would follow us all the way to Laiya!But nonetheless, the fun didn't end while it poured, it was actually refreshing given the fact that it the mountain rain was exquisitely fresh, a rarity in the city.

Anyhow, the resort is beside the now famous La Luz Beach Resort. Although I find the beach front of La luz a lot more clean, pebble-free and exotic, Palm Beach offers better and cheaper accomodaion, amenities and hella great food! I'm a freakish food addict and they definitely have my two thumbs up in that category! They served of couse Filipino dishes ranging from sinigang na baboy to the classic merienda, puto and kutsinta. They also got the sweetest ripe mangoes ever! At Php750 per head, the whole day buffet meal was well worth the spend!

Let's end the food topic there before I even go on to excruciating details about the food they served! The only thing that I didn't like about the resort was the fact that the the beach wasn't really sandy... was filled with pebbles and huge rocks! Although I did enjoy swimming at the beach, it was always a constant concern for most of us if we will get a cut at the sharp rocks and corals beneath us. Along the say 2 km stretch of Palm Beach, there was only a small area cleaned and devoid of the pebbles and corals.

One thing I would commend on are the rooms! The tropically designed casitas and bungalows were clean, spacious and airy! Another would be that it is near a marine reserve and has pretty nice underwater life! Although don't expect much during the low tide...

Well, there ain't much I can say for now. First, this is a company outing, one

trying to take a pix of my elusive friend!
that I have enjoyed tremendoulsy, and another is that I loved every single minute I played under the pouring rain while it washed away the salt in my bikini-clad body! No thinking, planning and fussing required on my part so... sorry, if I'm not able to provide any info.

Till the next travel...

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imagine taking a nap under one of these bungalows while enjoying the fresh sea air... hmmm, heaven... =)
little fishylittle fishy
little fishy

we went snorkeling during the low tide, so this was the only fish we saw... don't worry, we just wanted to get a pix of the little guy... we let him go after his pictorial =)
by the rocksby the rocks
by the rocks

during low tide, you can play atop the rocks by the beach

how can I forget my favorite subject... sunrise... though it was rising at the other side of the mountain!
strike it good...strike it good...
strike it good...

it started to rain and my friend decided to pose as a "model"

10th June 2007

I saw Palm beach while I was paddling on my surf ski this morning. Laiya's great but the service really needs improvement. Those guys just dont help you immediately when you have so much to carry. Buffet for overnight costs 900. Not exactly the best, its not even lutong bahay at best. Bawi sa evening but could be better. Palm beach seems private, safe from those people walking in from other resorts. View seems fine too (saw the pic and the people on the floating hut. ) If you say that customer service is one of the best, then that's where we're going next time.
11th June 2007

yep, palm beach is a lot cheaper and the food is way way better. I agree on your opinion about the food in La Luz, there not that yummy at all. =P palm however lacks in first aid so make sure to know how to do it and bring your own meds. That's the only negative thing I can say about their customer service... Palm is also more secluded that La luz... I remember that there are vendors near the day tour caffeteria who can probably come in and out of the resort.
25th July 2007

HI ! i am torn in picking between La Luz and Palm Beach, we've got three kids aboard ages 2,4,5. Most probably we will settle for a day tour. What would you recommend ?
27th July 2007

Since you've got kids coming along, I would recmmend La Luz. The beach is cleaner, less rocks and has lifeguards. Palm beach, though has better food sadly lacks in safety measures.

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